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Michelle-Lee Drops New Single "Made"

Michelle-Lee comes to us from Delaware, where she began showing off her incredible vocals at a local church. It was her mother who encouraged her to take her music career one step further and begin writing as a solo artist. Michelle-Lee brings us a refreshing personality, she's spiritual and fun-loving. She invokes the spectacular and timeless melodies of artists like Toni Braxton and Anita baker, while still keeping her style modern and fresh. Not only is Michelle-Lee a talented vocalist, but she's an experienced and educated songwriter.

Her strong connection with music is easily audible in her single "Made". The power and soul in her emotionally-rich voice take us on a meaningful journey through her authentic relationship with worship. "That's just the way He made me, in his image" is a layered lyric, it's about how He makes no mistakes, and how we should always be grateful for who we are as individuals. The R&B vibe in this finely-calibrated piece fuse perfectly with Michelle-Lee's passionate vocals. “Made” is a unique collaboration of soulful lyrics and beat and it stands out. We can feel the love and admiration in her voice, but the beat has us swaying along to the music. We had high expectations and Michelle surpassed all of them. This dreamy new single has us craving more from Michelle-Lee, and personally, it will be bumping on my playlist!

Add this track to your Spotify playlist, and continue reading for Michelle-Lee's interview.

At what age did you decide to start pursuing music on your own? 

I decided to start pursuing music in 2015 so when I was 26. Since I was young I was involved with music (ie: dance, piano, ensemble) but I didn't begin taking it seriously as a solo artist until 2015 when I left the bands I performed with and began to record my own music.

What would be your dream collaboration?

Wow, it seems absurd to actually write it out but time to write the vision and make it plain! My dream collaboration would be Pharrell Williams, John Legend and Alicia Keys. I love how inspiring and influential their music is to the world. Their music is message-based and carries a TON of encouragement which is really valuable to me as a songwriter. Plus, they just create the most amazing and timeless music! Definitely squad goals!

What’s your writing process like?

For the longest time I would find instrumentals that intrigued me and build my concept then go form there but that has changed within the last 6 months or so. Concepts have been flooding my spirit with no music or direction behind it which has been difficult for me to create. I'm still trying to figure out a way to translate what I hear in my head into that same sound and vibe which hasn't always successful but that's new levels for you. A lot of my influence for concepts comes from life, surroundings and unexplainable emotions. I try to create music from those quiet moments and thoughts that are a lot of times unspoken. There are so many common thoughts amongst people that are rarely shared. If we spoke up, others would hear that they're not the only ones experiencing these emotions, thoughts and feelings.

If you could change anything about "Made", what would it be and why?

Sheesh, tough question. Of course as the singer/songwriter I should say that I wouldn't change a thing but that wouldn't be honest or transparent. "Made" is actually one of those songs I was speaking about in the previous question. The concept of the song came while listening to the beat (produced by Jim Boonie) and although I could hear and feel the vibe inside, I was having the most difficult time laying it in the studio! For months, I worked on this song, adding parts, removing parts and reconfiguring the song structure. It got to a point where I didn't know where else to take it so...I released it! Sonically, I listen to it and hear things that I would like to add, and probably will if I decide to create a remix, but the message of the song is loud and clear and honestly, that's my whole reason for writing! In this season, I'm learning as long as the listener can receive the message and can vibe with the music that surrounds it, it's good to go!

Tell us more about the message you want to get across to your fans in "Made"?

Made was created for the era we live in. A world that only displays the highlights and discards the remaining, shares the good selfies and filters the bad ones or promotes achievements without discussing the failures along the way. Even as a confident women, I sometimes find myself sliding into comparing my dress size, hair length, flaws, etc to a profile on Instagram and have to "reel myself in" reminding myself that these images aren't the standard of beauty! God designed each and every one of us intentionally unique. We are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image and likeness of God. Out of every remarkable animal, breathtaking sunset or astonishing flower, WE are in the image of God! To know that everything that makes us "us" was created intentionally and without mistake, gives me a type of confidence that I just couldn't keep to I wrote a song lol.


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