Michelle Wang - "Out Of Tears"

Michelle Wang is a 19 year-old San Diego based singer-songwriter, who started playing

piano since she was 4 years old and wrote her first song when she was 9 years old. Michelle

also plays guitar, drums, bass and ukulele, and tends to express her feelings and put her

emotions into every song she writes. Except from songwriting, she has also done musical

theatre and opera.

The track starts off with a nice guitar instrumental that gives it a very raw feeling for the

listener despite it being a studio recording (make sure to check out her youtube video link will be

below). The song can be categorized as an acoustic ballad with her verses that build up to belty

vocals in her chorus. Wang accompanies herself with a piano and guitar and of course her

vocals which shows her multi talented abilities. Michelle’s vocals are really strong and she

seems to make her belts effortless but maintaining good control. It’s a beautiful song in all

aspects whether it be vocally or instrumental wise. It is not a slow ballad to where it becomes

boring, but rather it has a good rhythm from the guitar while still maintaining the ballad like tone.

Connect with Michelle Wang on social media:

Instagram: @mishishiiii