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Mick Mersse Delivers Us A Hip-Hop Love Song!

Mick Mersse is an upcoming hip-hop and rap phenomenon/entrepreneur whose one of the four founders of monopoly entertainment. With 3 mixtapes completed and a debut album on the way, Mick Mersse has generated over 10k streams on multiple streaming services. With his unorthodox delivery, clever word play, fresh hooks and choruses, Mick Mersse has begun collecting a fan base that spreads from his hometown of Willingboro, NJ to Sacramento, CA; along with other major cities nationwide. Mick Mersse released his single titled “I Need You” off his album “I AM” and we were pleasantly impressed with the crisp hook we can find ourselves immersed in. “I Need You” shows elements of classic R&B with a smooth-sailing, easy riding melodic delivery. The chords and register the hook was sang in showcased his ability to carry his voice into an upper and silk-like vocal dynamic. He began to rap with a clean-cut flow to project the poetically romantic lyrics. In my opinion, “I Need You” is a love song about how a man has his eye set on a girl that he wants to make his. “All I want is, all I need is you”.  The lyrics can serve as a relatable message for all you hopeless romantics out there or people who find themselves crushing on a significant other. A rap ballad is what I call this fused together rap and R&B hit! His biggest hip hop/rap influences were NaS, LL Cool J, 2PAC, Notorious B.I.G., and Jay-Z. According to his label mate and relative ATL, Anthony Lightner, listening to his style, you can hear the influences in the music he creates. He incorporates his musical influences and crafts it into his own individual style that you will love!

Add "I Need You" to your Spotify playlist, and keep scrolling for Mick's exclusive interview!


Mind telling us a little bit about monopoly and 100gz entertainment?

What up world! My name is Mick Mersse. 100Gz Entertainment. From NJ to CA stand up!!

Block Monopoly started way back in the day when I was a teenager with some friends I grew up and all had a common thing which was music. Myself, my good friend and fellow artist Jase Harley, and a few others created it. The  name Block Monopoly ended up having to changed due to legal issues, but all of us remain close even with distance becoming an obstacle. When I relocated from New Jersey to California, I was already in the process of creating my own indie brand and thats when 100Gz Entertainment was created. It started out as a small idea, but  with to help from some supporters of the brand, I was able to get it things up and going. Here we are, years later, still going strong.

Out of all your music influences, who has been the most impactful for you as an artist and why?

I know this is answer kind of cliche, but based off his bodies of work, innovation, breaking music barriers, and opening up doors for aspiring artists like myself, hands down its Jay-Z. You can literally raise a kid off the tutilidge he lyrically stated from "Reasonable Doubt" to "4:44". Thats not too much of a stretch to say given that where I come from, we needed someone to pass down knowledge and he did that amazingly. Music wise, his production selection, subject matter, witty lyrical ability, and top tier business savvy had an immense impact on me so much, his longevity would be something i would aspire to emulate.

Tell us a little bit about your album “I AM” what can our readers expect from the project?

"I AM..." Is my 2nd album/EP. I love this album so much and hold it up there with some of my personal favorite albums. Alot of time and energy was put into this and the end product came out really good. This album has production from some of the most talented producers such as Tunez, BIM$, WhoIsROG, and Dreamlifebeats. Without them, this album couldn't have happened, so let me give my thanks to those geniuses. "I AM..." has been something I've been working on since maybe the last interview we did mid to late June of last year. I pretty much started the process shortly after releasing my previous album "Leavin' My Legacy" in May, (quick plug). But all in honestly, what the readers and listeners can expect is a fresh, more mature, more electic sound. Honesty in the lyrics, stories, and social content along with the witty lyricism that in this day in age gets bypassed. There's something for everyone on this album, but its intention is to open the mind of the listeners to something new that doesn't sound like what you hear everyday. I try not sound like anyone, even down to the "cross-over" records like " I Need You".

What inspired you to write “I Need You”  and what’s the meaning behind it?

"I Need You" was inspired from a conversation I had with a good friend of mine. He was telling me about a time when he first met a particular lady he quickly became head over heels for. I took some pieces of the conversation we had and created the hook for the song along with some of the lyrics. I had to reach back out to D. Banks and just as I expected, he killed it and took the record to whole another level. Salute to D. Banks!!  The intention was to make a really good record overall and I think D.Banks and I, accomplished that. So, please go check it out, its a really good song.

What's next for you through 2019?

Hopefully more opportunites, of course, more music content, and some performances. Hopefully a label may find an interest in my art and wants to offer a deal, we'll have to see.  Music wise, I do have intentions on releasing more material for the summer, so please check for that.


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