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Midas Drops Two Contemplative Tunes to Get Us Thinking

From Montreal, Canada, the lyrical hip-hop artist, rapper, and songwriter Midas returns to take us through the introspective feel of his two recent tracks, "The New Age" and "Spiritual Warfare."

Taking music seriously for over a decade now, Midas (Nathanial Service) has finally curated a sound that's both fresh and timeless. After the release of his debut album "Kross" in 2018, Midas has been busy crafting his brand as a conscious artist while currently working on his forthcoming mixtape entitled, "Mighty."

Touching on his two recent releases, "The New Age" and "Spiritual Warfare," Midas reached out to producer Charlie Hayz to take on both tracks. Offering a similar introspective and contemplative feel throughout both of these singles, Midas is truly moving mountains with this raw and powerful approach.

Diving into the single, "The New Age," Charlie Hayz opens the production with an organic lo-fi flair that screams prime 90s hip-hop. As Midas enters the down-tempo track with his robust delivery and intense lyrical content, he begins touching on "The New Age" that many dream of. While Charlie Hayz keeps the underlying beat incredibly soulful and almost ominous, he gives Midas the perfect opportunity to spit his meaningful fire all over this heavy tune.

Moving onto the next single, "Spiritual Warfare," Charlie Hayz keeps this introspective feel afloat as he opens the production with melancholy piano melodies and a heavy mid-tempo beat drop alongside a gripping bass line. Listening to Midas' enthralling flow and delivery, we can't help but feel a flair of Immortal Technique shine through, although Midas' vocals are much deeper and more engaging. While touching on themes of finding peace of mind by any means possible, Midas stops us dead in our tracks with each intense lyric and the eerie production tones.

Find both of Midas' recent singles, "The New Age" and "Spiritual Warfare" on all digital streaming platforms, and prepare for the drop of his forthcoming mixtape, "Mighty".

We love the heavy vibes of both your recent singles, "The New Age" and "Spiritual Warfare." What inspired you to take on quite intense and powerful approaches for both of these tracks?

Well, I was just in a spiritual mood when writing both tracks. I thought about life, God, and the world a bit. Spiritual warfare was more so a battle track against other rappers cause hip hop is was and will always be a competitive sport so that's the mode I was in when writing and recording that track. The new age on the other hand was more of a conscious track, fighting for the need of Change in Society or the World as a whole. Speaking on the single, "The New Age," what did you want your audience to take away from your bars on this track?

For the new age, I wanted the listeners to just basically take away some food for thought, something that will make them think or reconsider how they will live their lives from here on out I also wanted the listeners to try and apply what I am saying to their own lives cause I honestly believe that what I am saying or the messages that I am implying is the right message or messages now whether you wanna roll with I'm saying is up to you you live your life the way you want or choose to but that or those is just my true belief or beliefs.

We can't get enough of the intense vibes from your single, "Spiritual Warfare." Did you face any difficulty during your songwriting process when writing bars that are incredibly deep and introspective?

No, I did not face any difficulty in writing "Spiritual Warfare". In fact, it only took me half an hour to write that song.

Could you take us through your collaboration with producer Charlie Hayz for both singles "The New Age" and "Spiritual Warfare"? Did you work together to navigate the sound, or were the beats pre-made specifically for you?

The beats were specifically pre-made for me. Spiritual warfare has a classical music Sample in the beat which is something I requested. I take my hat off to Charlie Hayz because he is a true producer he can do any style of production. Yeah, that guy is legitimate.

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

My mixtape "Mighty" is currently in production so I will keep my fans and of course, BuzzMusic updated on that.

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