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Midas is Now Cementing His Well-Deserved Place in the Industry

Midas hails from Montreal, Canada. As a rapper who has been consistently creating hard-hitting content since 2010, he first started his musical journey by rapping and writing lyrics at the tender age of 16.

Using his musical abilities to offer up messages that are about more than money, cars, women, and jewelry, he greatly takes the title of a Conscious Rapper. Through his thought-provoking lyrics dipped in witty quips, he prides himself on his artistic talents in the realm of lyricism.

With the release of his second studio album in early 2020, “M.I.D.A.S.,” Mighty Rich uses this opportunity to shine a bright light on what he calls one of his greatest bodies of work. With his influences ranging from his all-time favorite rapper, Nas, to 50 Cent, MF Doom and Little Brother, Mighty Rich takes these musical inspirations and floats certain attributes of theirs into a unique sound that he owns.

Mighty Rich recruits Michael Perry in, “I Wish I Can Fly,” a heartfelt record about wishing to reach a higher destination than the current one that he’s in. Through raw vocalization and profound emotion, Mighty Rich pulls us into his cognizant grasp with a warm invitation.

By telling a story that acts as a sequel to the movie Paid in Full, Mighty Rich presents the enthralling appeal of his single, “Paid in Full: The Sequel.” With the intense storytelling method that he uses to paint a lively illustration, the weighty bars create a larger than life scene through great lyrical adroitness.

As we reach a moment of finer sentiments with Mighty Rich’s releases this year, “I Forgive,” features the vocal talents of Justine Garamani. Using this opportunity to speak about humble beginnings, his childhood, and everything he has had to endure growing up, he opens his heart and mind to forgive the people who did wrong him as a kid.

Mighty Rich has exposed numerous sides of his vulnerability as he encourages his listeners to get to know him on a deeper level. As we eagerly anticipate what’s to come in the future, Mighty Rich has raised the bar for his future releases to grace our presence.

Learn more about Mighty Rich's music here.

Hello Midas, and welcome back to BuzzMusic, it’s always a pleasure when we get to chat it up with you. Congratulations on all of your success through this year. With the uncertainty of 2020, how did this year compare to your other years as an artist?

Well, this year was the first I got to put out something proper with the Release of my 2nd studio album 'M.I.D.A.S.' so compared to the years before that it was the best one so far throughout my musical journey despite the Covid-19 Pandemic.

What challenges have you faced as an artist throughout the year? How were you able to overcome them?

The Challenges I faced this year. Well, I will start off with the main challenge I faced this year and a Major one for that matter. I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue to Rap and at one point thought about giving it all up. I will explain it. Seeing that the sound that is dominating hip hop today is Trap music it kinda deterred me from continuing to Rap a bit because anybody who knows me knows that I am not a big fan of that sound. now have I rapped over trap beats before. Yes, but that was only to keep up with the times cause sometimes you gotta give the fans the type of music they want even if its something that you don't particularly wanna do, mainstream artists do this all the time because they have the largest demographic and the biggest fanbases in the music world but me I don't really like trap like that I prefer either boom-bap or just some original authentic hip hop type of production. That's just my taste. That's always been my taste even as a kid so I was in a place where I felt like I wouldn't succeed because of the type of music that I produce. In the end, I still wanna rap so I have decided to just continue doing me just to see where it gets me especially considering the fact that hip hop is supposed to be diverse which is something that is lacking today. If it gets to a point where I'm gonna have to produce a certain type of sound just to appeal to the masses I will do that because I'm a true artist so I'm able to pull that off but I will still try to be myself at the same time and I will never sell my soul.

Out of each release that you put out into the world in 2020, do you have one that resonates with you more than the others?

I did this song called "Spiritual Warfare" which is gonna be on my up-and-coming mixtape called 'Mighty,' which should be released sometime in 2021. That's the song that resonates with me the most so far.

Could you please take us into what your creative process entails?

My creative process into making my music is conceptual for the most part. I hear a beat and I start thinking about multiple concepts that could potentially fit the sound of the beat or Instrumental. Once I come down to the concept that I think is the best one for the track I start coming up with rhymes & lyrics and then it's pretty much on from there.

What has been the most important lesson that you have learned in 2020?

The most important lesson I've learned in 2020 was that life is certain, mostly because of me getting kicked out of my mother's house and being homeless for 2 months but also because of the Covid-19 Pandemic and of course me almost giving up Rap music for good. I decided I will continue to Rap and make music because I feel like everyone should take advantage of the talent or the gift that God gave them instead of just wasting it. For instance, Lebron James is the most talented basketball player in the NBA today and what is he doing? Taking advantage of the gift that God gave him by not only displaying his incredible skills on the court for millions to see but also winning MVP Awards and NBA championships.

What projects and releases can we expect from you in 2021? What are you able to share with us?

Like I mentioned earlier I will be releasing a mixtape called Mighty sometime in 2021. No said date yet just 2021.

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