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Midge Robie Releases Staggering Single "Your Friend's Tattoo"

Rising rapidly in popularity due to an iconic pop-punk sound that serenades listeners in a blend of instrumental intensity and blazing hot vocals, the duo of brothers Robie and Midge Kelly gives us an enticing taste of their natural ability and alluring appeal. As if they were shot out of cannon, audiences everywhere get a glimpse of these two talented individuals hailing from Dayton, Ohio, with their new single "Your Friend's Tattoo."

In less than a year since the fabrication of Midge Robie, these two have shown the creative precedence seemingly several years into their creative process. An exceptionally visual picture painted through the intricate writing gives the listeners a feel-good correspondence to a vivid, fiery infatuation.

With heart and soul that ripples through this instantaneous hit, this song transpires as we truly cannot wait to hear more of the artistic prevalence this duo presents. The thrilling truth that Midge Robie can boldly mix genres while on their rise to dominance is a thought to revel in. Prepare yourself for further exuberance as we continue to follow their extraordinary activity.

Congratulations on the release of your astounding single "Your Friend's Tattoo." We're incredibly impressed with your musical versatility. Can you speak a bit about the influence behind this track?

We’ve always been into punk music. The pop-punk renaissance into the mainstream that is happening right now is electric, so we gave it a go. This was our first single we did not produce ourselves; shoutout Young Heartless. It came together very quickly, it just felt right and we went with it.

How did you come to form the electrifying duo that you are today? Was there a moment of realization that pushed you to bring it together?

We are real-life blood brothers so we have always been close but it was a tragedy and a whim that brought us to making music. Robie dealt with a serious illness and then Midge Overdosed. We’ve both had consistent health issues, so we know the clock is ticking. We had no experience with music, but we bought Logic Pro X and we just started playing around with it. Now here we are.

Are there any specific artists that you draw influence from for the creation of your music?

Midge: I am really into Billie Holiday, classical music, Post Malone, and old 60s & 70s horror/thriller movies right now, but it is hard to say where the inspiration for our music comes from. We make so much I kind of just let it go and be what it will. Que sera sera.

Robie: I’m inspired by film noirs, old movies, good books, many different kinds of music. It’s hard to point to anything too specific, though. What we do is organic and I think that’s a great way to be.

Do you plan to continue on with the genre diversity you present or is there a more specific focus you plan to turn your attention to?

We are schizophrenic so it is really impossible to focus on one sound. We’re in so many different places all at once; we just try to keep moving forward and let the artwork through us.

What's next for you?

We’re going to the Moon.


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