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Mighty Rich Brings The Heat In His New Mixtape, 'Mighty'

The Canadian songwriter, rapper, and hip-hop artist Mighty Rich returns with his hard-hitting and diverse debut 13-track mixtape entitled 'Mighty.'

Born Nathaniel Service in Montreal, Canada, Mighty Rich fell in love with hip hop at the age of 11 after listening to 50 Cent's 'Get Rich or Die Trying.' From there, he was immersed in the culture of hip-hop and used freestyling as an outlet for his emotions.

Rising from the ashes of his 5-year hiatus, Mighty Rich returns with his diverse mixtape, 'Mighty.' The mixtape kicks off with the introductory and title track, "Mighty," which drifts through our speakers with a phenomenal jazz/hip-hop beat courtesy of producer Charlie Hayz. Mighty Rich offers a unique Jay-Z/Immortal Technique-flow that leaves us hooked. The next track, "Explore," features the woodwind-heavy production by DJ Radiohead while showcasing a more explorative and adventurous side of Rich.

Another sweet and ominous hip-hop beat drenches our speakers in emotion on "Spiritual Warfare" with producer Charlie Hayz. Mighty Rich brings a powerful message on this track that examines his life as a whole while living unapologetically. Moving onto "Hayzeus," we must mention how much we adore the jazzy and mysterious undertones of Charlie Hayz's production, as it perfectly enhances Mighty Rich's dominant and authoritative flow. On "Cloud 9 (feat. Chris Lee), DJ Radiohead swoons our ears with his smooth production while Mighty Rich offers his rhythmic and complex flow alongside Chris Lee's magnetic and electric vocal stylings.

Slowing it down with "Hardships & Struggles," the song's production by Charlie Hayz is simply some of the best sonic arrangements we've heard this year. Not to mention Mighty Rich's deeply introspective and reflective flow; his delivery resembles staple acts like Earl Sweatshirt. Another Charlie Hayz production, "The Real Pt. 2," jumps through our speakers with nothing but eerie and intense vibes alongside Mighty Rich's poised and composed fact-spitting. Changing up the mixtape's vibe with "Lady Laura," this song features Lima Beats's whimsical, nostalgic, and drum-driven production. While Rich raps a passionate and desirous message, he reveals a more intimate and personal side of his music.

Spicing up the intensity with "Hunt You Down," The Dollar Man's production is nothing but fierce and robust, perfectly enhancing Mighty Rich's composed, confident, and commanding performance. Tapping through our speakers is the drums by BOGER on the next track, "Heart & Soul," where Mighty Rich expands on the cruel world, his upbringing, and attempting to eliminate his inner rage. Onto a groovier note with "The Deceased (feat. King Mizery)," we hear a funkier side to Charlie Hayz's production while King Mizery tackles the first verse and demands our attention with his fast-paced and exciting bars. Rich jumps on the second verse and shifts the song into this old-school feel merely through his timeless delivery.

Moving back into the piano-focussed beats with "Internal," we hear a more melodic and jazzy side to Lima Beat's production while Mighty Rich reveals his internal trials and tribulations. Landing on the last track of the mixtape with "The New Age," Charlie Hayz closes the song with his downtempo and bass-infused production that leaves Mighty Rich shining in the spotlight while rapping about his excitement for the future.

Don't miss out on the overall dynamic and engaging experience of Mighty Rich's debut mixtape, 'Mighty,' now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Congratulations on releasing such a raw, dynamic, and captivating mixtape with 'Mighty.' Did anything, in particular, inspire you to create this powerful mixtape?

The main thing I had in mind when I started recording 'Mighty' was the Concept Or the idea of power. I wanted to record songs that symbolized or reflected the word Power.

For example, the song explores displays that meaning in its purest form, the content of the music is a metaphor for power. In the first verse, I talk about my path to discovery with lines like, "Im in a jeep with suicide doors that's 4X4 reading the Art of War by Sun Tzu, studying Martial Arts & Kung Fu.

So throughout the project, I just wanted to represent the symbol of power or having the ability to overcome any obstacles that come my way.

What was it like working with the various producers for 'Mighty'? Did you want the mixtape's production to offer a specific vibe or atmosphere?

It was dope working with the Producers. I worked with mainly Charlie Hayz, who produced a majority of the project. No, I wasn't going for any sound in particular for this mixtape; I just wanted it to be as pure and authentic as possible.

When did you begin writing bars for 'Mighty'? How long did it take to write and create the mixtape?

I started recording tracks for the mixtape in mid-2020, and it took me less than a year to complete the whole project.

Do you have a favorite track off the mixtape, 'Mighty'? Could you explain why you're drawn to that particular track?

Sonically, I think 'Heart & Soul' is the track that stands out the most on the mixtape. Still, my favorite song I would have to say is 'Spiritual Warfare,' just because of the lyrical content and the fact that I am relaying consciousness but at the same time still taking shots at all my enemies or naysayers.

How does the mixtape 'Mighty' help us get to know you on a more personal level?

If you listen to the entire project from start to finish, you will see that although I am conscious and positive, I'm still a rebel in some ways. I still have a rebellious side/nature to my persona and character.

I am rebellious to Satan's Children (Evil People). I am rebellious to the corrupt government. I am rebellious to the backward society we live in today, and I'm rebellious to the lies and deceit that people of this day and age refuse to open their eyes to and realize that they are being misled. I've always been one to go against the grain and push for a Revolution.


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