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Mike Nova Proves To Be The Next Legend In The Making With “Jungle Juice”

Mike Nova is back and he’s better than ever! This Harlem lyricist is continuing his streak of consistency with his latest outing of “Jungle Juice”. Along with astonishing visuals from Robvision Films, Jungle Juice fuses an impressive lyrical flow with a New York bounce that’s sure to make you pull a neck muscle. Nova yet again, demonstrates why he’s the rapper people need to keep an eye on. He continues to call out rappers encouraging them to push the envelope by declaring “All they do is swag rap”. He’s making it clear that rappers are his cross hairs and he’s shooting them down as he begins to make claims that he’s the best rapper out right now.

Mike Nova may have proved himself and his claims with “Jungle Juice”, he gave us old-school, classic rap roots. New York was the birthplace for hip-hop. Many of the lyrical greats come from NYC and Mike Nova may be the next greatest thing to come from this city! “Jungle Juice” shows off extremely-skilled lyricism with a nicely orchestrated production in the beat. He shows off his great ear by remaining on key with the melodic chords of the beat. The hook was addicting, had us repeating the lines over and over. “Jungle Juice” was a transporting song that took me into a new dimension of classic but current. Nova is proving to the new rappers in today’s generation that individuality is the key to a successful hit, and “Jungle Juice” is the example of this idea!

Listen to "Jungle Juice" here and get to know more about Mike Nova below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Mike! Coming from New York City, you’re representing a place where many hip-hop icons were born! In what ways does your environment impact your artistry?

Wassup, I apprcaite the opportunity an thank you for having me . Living in New York City theres always something for you to see , something always happening whether positive or negative , in that case inspiration comes so easily. You can sit in your room an hear sirens, buildings being constructed , birds tweeting and children all in the same atmosphere. So this environment helps create A lot of the music, from the feelings , the gritty sounds , the hardships ,it all reflects in my  writing  and  the beats I choose.

Do you have any musical inspirations or influences? If so who and why!?

Currently I have like my own hip hop , Mount Rushmore in the works. Its interesting because every phase of my life I find a artist that i can relate to . High school it was kid cudi , you know as a teenager we have all these emotions an new experiences that you don’t know how to handle . Some way , an some how kid cud just understood. In college J.cole came out with forest hill drive an that whole album reflected my past life from living in suburbs ,growing up in the city ,going to college, basically my whole life in one album it was perfect.

Wale is another artist I started connecting with again dealing with women , finding myself falling for the broken women , the misunderstood women, an then just losing myself throughout the process. Like honestly wale be on some shit its amazing how he can just put all his feelings about a women into a three minute song.

Tell us about this dope record “Jungle Juice”, what was the theme behind the song?T

I appreciate the love for real!. The inspiration of  “Jungle Juice” was Me wanting to embody the sound of New York City , the sound that we seem to have lost. The sound that has been overlooked for the last almost ten years. “Jungle Juice” sounds different the video looks different because we haven’t seen anything like this in a while the light has not been shed upon the underground wave of artist who just wanna make dope music and give it to the people.

You claim to be the hottest new rapper out right now! And we think you might have proved that, but from your artist perspective, what differentiates “Jungle Juice” from other rap records that’s currently out right now?

Overall “Jungle Juice” is just rap, its a dope song with substance. It gives you a vibe in many aspects, you can smoke to , you can drive to , can workout to. Its something that we just been missing for a long time. An because of that it doesn’t sound like everything thats currently out now , without all the cap rapping an shitting on the listener ,im challenging other artist to do better bring back real rap, the music currently , the skill the talent its like low bering fruit but thats just my opinion.

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