Mike Skill Resurfaces in the Rock 'n' Roll Limelight With His New Single, "Not My Business"

As one of the principal masterminds behind one of the 1970s' most iconic contributors to radio hits, Mike Skill is known for his innovative songwriting ability and talent with the guitar. With more than 50 years of experience with a guitar, the skill can conjure reminiscing vibes from some of this century's most profound musical influencers. With references to roots rock and the classics and his former band, The Romantics his music is driven by engaging lyrics and industrious rhythms. Once again, Skill makes his impact on the music industry through his most single, "Not My Business." As it propels to the top of this week's playlist with jamming guitar solos, robust choruses, and dancing vibrations, we couldn't be more delighted to dive into and experience this song.

With exceptional tact, the production is in some liminal zone between '70s analog warmth and '80s digital chill, which only heightens the elegance of the performances we find as "Not My Business" erupts. The thwack of its backbeat and strut of its opening riffs are so familiar to today's radio hits that it's hard not to see the talents in Skill's writing abilities. Piston-pumping rhythmic drive supports the wonderfully saturated guitar harmonies throughout this tune. It has a consistent sonic quality, with crisp echoes that are distinct from its early era inspirations. A bluesy quality is felt, but only as shadows and reflections through the tonality of the masquerading guitars and piano. The guitars are gritty and compelling while also feeling light-hearted. The bass guitar softly works the pocket as the song trucks forward. And as Skill chants throughout, using plenty of his vocal valor, he makes a lasting impression on us here at BuzzMusic.

You can find "Not My Business" here.