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MIKEY X Is "Flying High," In a Hot New Release

From Inglewood, California, recording artist and rapper MIKEY X soars amongst the clouds in his latest dense and groovy single entitled "Flying High."

With a sound that mixes jazz-inspired boom-bap beats and a smooth west coast style, it's impossible to ignore an act that embodies such talent and creativity. Having released three mixtapes on all digital streaming platforms, MIKEY X is known for covering lyrical themes like the black experience in America and growing up around Los Angeles.

Now releasing his groovy and sultry single, "Flying High," listeners are able to properly introduce themselves to the young recording artist as he swoons anyone with his sweet vocals and engaging performance. Not to mention the song's transcendent beat, we're more than excited for our readers to get to know this daydream of a single.

Listening to "Flying High," the track starts off with a ghostly and melodic vocal sample that drops into MIKEY X's flaming and rhythmic bars. As he continues to expand on coming up from nothing and landing amongst the stars with his successful solo career, MIKEY X makes the listening experience all the more unforgettable with help from his smooth delivery that leaves us basking in its warmth.

Thanks to the steady and celestial hip-hop beat, MIKEY X is able to deliver the utmost engaging performance while allowing the listener to get to know him on a more personal level. As this short song comes to an end, we're left in need of more introspective and authentic tracks like this.

Catch MIKEY X "Flying High" in a fresh new release, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic MIKEY X, what a transcendent listening experience you've delivered with your recent single, "Flying High." Was there a moment or experience that inspired you to create this bop?

Thank you. As a new artist, I don't have consistent producers yet to paint the visions I have, so I make it work with the random beats I find. I have an idea of what I want but it's hard to convey to a youtube search bar. I may scour youtube for hours looking for the right one that fits. In this particular case, the beat inspired me to reflect on a particular mood, which is the name of the mixtape. The mood I was channeling was being unbothered and taking life in stride.

Who created the bright and melodic beat for "Flying High?" Did you have a say in the song's production, or was it pre-made for you?

The beat was made by Gerreaux. I found him on Youtube the first time I heard this beat actually. It was already finished when I heard it, but I'm just glad it fits the motif of the tape I was making.

What was your songwriting process like for "Flying High?" What message did you want to convey through your in-depth bars?

I typically write my songs in one sitting from start to finish. I like to keep it going while I'm in the groove. I wanted to convey the dichotomy of life trying to pull you down but refusing to be moved by what comes at you or by what people say.

How did you want to make the listener feel when experiencing the single "Flying High?" What sort of listening experience did you want to provide?

I wanted the listener to feel hyped, and inspired. I want people to take the song in and feel empowered -- like they can take on any obstacle and continue to fly high above it. I think the flow and beat help a lot with the emotional tone of the song, especially when the beat drops in the beginning.

How can songs like "Flying High" help listeners get to know you on a more personal and intimate level? How do songs like this represent you and what you stand for?

"Flying High" represents the troubles that all of us face in some capacity, and how we can overcome them. More specifically, my music takes people on a journey of the Black experience in America. I go into instances of law enforcement motivation in the prison system, and how it has been leveraged to marginalize my people. My music will continue to have relevant social content while being something you can bump in the whip, or while partying with your friends.


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