Milan Gianni Releases Inspirational R&B/Pop Single “Never Ever”

From Hartford, Connecticut, Milan Gianni is a singer, songwriter, dancer, actor, and model who has just released an inspirational single called “Never Ever.” Milan is the type of artist that uses his humbling experiences to his advantage – with stories of personal growth for his lyrics. He began his artistic career as a dancer and pursued an education at the American Musical Dramatic Academy in New York City. When forced to drop out of the program due to financial limitations, he did the opposite of giving up. Milan Gianni continued to work hard and hustle as a model, celebrity hairstylist, and a music creator. He has embraced his education in the arts and used it as fuel to become the best musician he can be.

With his new release, “Never Ever,” Milan tells his fans the secret to his success. “Never Ever” is a soulful R&B/pop song about chasing your dreams. With a subtle R&B style backtrack, Milan allows the attention to be placed on his voice. His talents take center stage with vocal trills and a never-ending range. Milan Gianni’s authentic vocals will enable the listener to put themselves in his shoes and experience his raw emotions. In addition to the feelings he shares through his voice, Milan’s lyrics inspire listeners to remain persistent in achieving their goals. He writes about his own experiences; his determination and dedication as an artist. By encouraging fans to never give up on their dreams, Milan Gianni is spreading a message of positivity and motivation with his new single. With “Never Ever’s” passionate vocals and contagious lyrics, Milan Gianni has created a reservoir of encouragement that fans can use as a catalyst for their dreams.

Listen to "Never Ever" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Milan Gianni! Your release “Never Ever” not only speaks to who you are as a person but also inspires listeners to achieve their goals. Can you elaborate on the message behind your lyrics, and the inspiration for this song?

Heyyyy BuzzMusic! Thank you so much for having me. Yes of course, well the inspiration for the song came from being overwhelmed with all of the struggles that we go through as an artist on the journey to success. You learn that you have to become your biggest fan and remember why you started and remind yourself that you’ve come too far to give up now. I always had this burning passion inside me that no matter what came against me, I just knew I was going to make it. In this industry, you get so many no’s but I know it only takes one yes for you to get your big break. We just have to remain patient. Life doesn’t stop and you have to navigate through all of the ups and downs. The whole world is dealing with this pandemic right now, and I think it’s super important to encourage people to keep going. We all need a little reminder sometimes. The lyrics speak to me; I’ve always been involved in a lot of different artistic & entrepreneurial endeavors. I’ve never been afraid of hard work and will try anything that I feel passionate about regardless of what the response may be. Sometimes you get labeled for being all over the place or people will say things like “oh, well what else are you doing?” or “you need to pick one thing.” I’ve dealt with that my whole life. That’s why in the chorus when I say, “If you’re wondering, I’m chasing my dreams doing what’s right for me! No more second-guessing, giving my all to me the big lights are calling me, I won’t never ever give up.” I’m addressing those people and also reassuring myself at the same time that I’m not going to second guess myself and I’m going be a star! Period.

What are some things that you learned at the American Musical Dramatic Academy in New York City that benefit you today as an artist?

Wow… such a deep question. I truly learned so many valuable things that benefit me today as an artist. If I had to name a few, I would surely say that AMDA taught me the true essence of what it means to eat, sleep, and breathe your craft. Each week, you’re thrown so many different tasks from different art forms and you’re challenged to raise the bar with no excuses. I’ve learned how to prioritize, be solution-oriented, train like an Olympic champion, and always remain a student of the craft. Most importantly I learned what it means to truly live in the moment and how to be vulnerable, raw, and allow myself to experience all emotions, whether they’re good, bad or indifferent. I now allow everything to fuel whatever character I’m portraying at the moment. Becoming a blank canvas, stripping away all extremities that society may deem as “showing individually” and truly tapping into reality and the inside. This way you learn to work form the inside out and you add on, piece by piece, accurately discovering who you are as an artist. It gave me a different level of understanding and respect for each individual art form. I apply all of that to my everyday artistry. It’s how I approach any piece of work. It’s like a spiritual connection to my creativity and I’ve developed my own methods and processes that aid me in my process.

Since the beginning, you have been inspired by musical legends including Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Missy Elliott, and Prince. How do these artists influence your music style?

Yes, I have! It’s so crazy because I can remember being 5 years old and my grandmother had recorded Michael Jackson’s performance at the half time show of the Superbowl. We would watch it over and over and over! From then I was mesmerized. It was the same way when I was introduced to Missy. I saw myself in them and I knew instantly who I wanted to be like. The way Michael could captivate the audience and stand there until he queued the production to start. The shiny costumes, lights, pyros, smoke – I simply fell in love. Musically, he’s inspired me because he was able to make music that touched every race and culture. No one felt excluded listening to Michael Jackson. He had this pop sound, but his voice was so dynamic and had so much character, color, texture, and range. He sang from the pit of his soul to his fingertips, no matter what it was he sang about. He also was about spreading love and positivity, which I’m all about as well. Beyoncé has influenced me since I was 8 years old. She is definitely my number one musical inspiration because of the way she changed the meaning of being an artist with her musical evolution. She has inspired me from day one of my journeys. I always found myself in challenging situations wondering what Beyoncé would do. I’m a huge fan of tones, range, versatility in musical styles, and originality, which influences my approach to my music a lot. Beyoncé’s like an onion and with each album, she unveils another layer for us. I have that similar thought process. Last but not least, Prince. Musically, he influences me to press the envelope and not put labels or limits on my expression as an artist. Art is art and some people may not understand but that’s the beauty of it all. He was a black man that literally was a rock star – so badass, unapologetic, and he made such undeniable timely music. He influences me to never be scared of myself. Since I have such an androgynous look, he’s also encouraged me to feel comfortable with myself. For the first time, I’d seen a man like myself be pretty and handsome at the same time. Seeing Prince was like a big “woah” moment for me.

As a multitalented artist who has dipped his toe in virtually every type of art, how does having a broad artistic knowledge base help you as a musician?

Having a broad artistic knowledge base helps me tremendously as a musician. Working with celebrities and other artists requires a certain level of excellence. You’re under a lot of pressure and have a lot of people depending on you to deliver and you can’t drop the ball. Things aren’t always going to go perfectly, so it’s imperative to be the solution and result orientated. I always say to myself fix and work on what you can control and do one thing at a time. Having this kind of approach helps me so much as a musician, dancer, and actor. Also, knowing a lot about beauty and entrepreneurship helps me especially when dealing with creative decisions & business deals. Having such a broad catalog of work, I’m able to use my imagination to such levels and execute.

What can fans anticipate next from you?

Up next, my fans can anticipate the release of my debut EP titled: “9:37 Volume 1”. It will be dropping late July! I’m super excited to share with the world what I’ve been working on for the last few years. You can expect an emotional evoking visual for “Never Ever” that will truly show the internal battle we go through as creatives and will portray prevailing with hard work and perseverance. I’ll give away one secret.... there will dancing! It’s going to be cutting edge and have a cinematic feel to it. ~ mini movie vibes~

I also just started my YouTube journey, so make sure you go subscribe (MilanGianniTv) to stay updated with my journey. I will bring you inside my life, sharing my music videos, behind the scenes, vlogs, exclusive live music, hair tutorials, beauty, cooking, and fitness. You will truly get to know me as a well-rounded individual, the person behind the artist.

Lastly, at the end of June, I will be launching my luxury wig collection! I’ll be collaborating with different beauty influencers & some of your favorite celebrities… *wink wink*

I’m always finding inspiration in everyday life and creating. This is only the beginning, and as of fan of Milan Gianni, I promise to always deliver excellence & give you my all. You guys make this a possibility for me so I’m forever grateful for the support! I just want to spread love and let you know if I can do it so can you.