MILLA Has Us Hooked On Her Latest Dark-Pop Masterpiece, “AMPHETAMINE”

Germany’s own MILLA is a 22-year-old singer-songwriter currently studying songwriting at a British school in Berlin. MILLA has been creating music ever since she was a child. Beginning with piano and guitar lessons, she discovered her talent and passion for songwriting early.

Known for her most distinctive feature: a soft and warm vocal range and her honest lyrics, MILLA processes personal experiences and emotions through her music. Being the independent artist she is, she chose her team of people to work with, including Californian producer Ed Prosek and German filmmaker Tabo Hartog.

The forward piano ballad, quickly recognized as her latest single, “AMPHETAMINE,” has us exploring the atmospheric realm that MILLA ignites. Her angelic vocalization comes pouring in over the sparse instrumentation, sparking a powerful ebb and flow between the melodies.

MILLA’s lush timbres fall into a queue with the moments of impact strategically placed in the song’s therapeutic framework, which coincides with the production elements. Providing us with an exceptional blend of thought-provoking tenors as we eat up the reflective lyrical motifs, MILLA does an immaculate job at depicting imagery in our minds.

The entire basis of “AMPHETAMINE” revolves around the addictive and treacherous similarities in a comparison of love and drugs. No stranger to the metaphors and witty schemes she introduces to her songwriting techniques, this is one of the many things that have us drawn towards the openness of MILLA.

Elevating our senses once the record begins to take them right back down once “AMPHETAMINE” comes to an end, the production in place has every element finding the spotlight at one time or another. That’s the beautiful thing about MILLA’s sonic universe.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, MILLA, and congratulations on the release of your latest single, "AMPHETAMINE." What sparked your inspiration for such a prevailing concept with such a potent metaphor laced into this song?

Thank you for having me; it's such an honor! It's actually quite a sad story of how I got inspired. Usually, I draw inspiration from personal experience, but I was watching Breaking Bad starring Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. There's this one episode where Jesse's girlfriend Jane overdoses on crystal meth, and I thought - wow, that's such a good metaphor for a toxic relationship. They clearly were in love with each other, but at one point, it was just too much. Amphetamine is one of the main substances of crystal meth, so I thought I'd use it in a song. It's definitely dark, but it's also a great word to sing.

How does "AMPHETAMINE" compare to other tracks heard in your music catalog?

When my producer Ed Prosek first heard my song, he used the word "edgy" to describe it. Usually, my songs have realistic lyrics written with the storytelling method. There are not a lot of metaphors in my debut single EVERYTHING nor in my ballad SUMMER LOVE. It's about love and heartbreak in a romanticized way. AMPHETAMINE, however, highlights the negative and toxic side of an unhealthy relationship. The production also differs from my previous singles since I used synthesizers in the bridge part towards the end - this is also how I discovered my love for them. They are just so dramatic and heavy. I love it!

You bring us such a dark and delicate blend of artistry as you profess your talents; what and who inspires your charisma and songwriting techniques?

Thank you so much. That's a great compliment! I'm a nerd when it comes to writing lyrics. I try to avoid perfect rhymes, and I love a good lyrical twist towards the end of a song. Lately, I've been inspired by newcomers such as Holly Humberstone, Dylan Fraser, and Gracie Abrams. But growing up and starting out as a songwriter, I drew a lot of inspiration from Ed Sheeran, Adele, and Amy Winehouse.

What is your mission statement as an artist?

My statement would be honesty and authenticity. I write about what I feel, personal experiences, and what I feel like sharing. And if people can relate to my music, that's all I could ever hope for as an artist. The catchiness of a chorus is important, but what's more important to me is to touch people's hearts and make them feel something through music in a time where everything is being commercialized and consumed so quickly.

What's next for you?

I'm graduating from BIMM (British Irish Modern Music Institute) in Berlin this year. I'm an intern at an LA-based label and organization at the moment, so my goal is to travel to the US this year and finally meet my team in person. Of course, I'll continue working on my music. I'm writing new songs almost every day. It's a challenging journey, but I love every part of it!