Mimi Knowles Debuts New Single And Lyric Video "Limited Edition"

Mimi Knowles debut year has been nothing short of a win. With over 3.2 million streams on Spotify from his first two releases earlier this season, Mimi Knowles is set to release his third Pop single before the end of 2018. Originally from the east coast, Knowles’ family was one of the first black families in Maine. Mimi is now taking the Soul and R&B influences he gained from his father to bring his own take to the Pop world. While Knowles’ presence holds its own in the limelight, he carries the same weight in talent behind the curtain. With Warner Chappell buying over 100 pop songs from Knowles’ catalog over the last 2 years, this artist is the true sense of the word with an unmatched songwriting portfolio and performer skill set to go with it.

Mimi Knowles recently released his next single “Limited Edition”, a pop banger with lush RnB chords and a bouncy 80’s jam packed with harmonies later this year. The beat really brings out his artistry to the fullest extent. His classic R&B vocals shines the best when it is supported by the fused Pop/Hip-hop/and R&B instrumental. His lyrics were fun and most definitely quotable and that’s the most noticeable trait of the song is its relatedness. I can see many people repeating their favorite lines in this song on their social media and Instagram captions!

Mimi Knowles referenced Drake in one section of the song where he says “running through the 6 with my woes” then followed up with a whimsical lyric “when we kiss it's like woah”. f you want to listen to a relatable bop that exhibits elements of outgoing soul music and add it to all your trendy and stress-free playlists!

Stream “Limited Edition” on Spotify and connect with Mimi Knowles on social media below!

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