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Minimalist Wealth is the Coined Phrase Which "Falling" Tumbles Under From Stemin

Musician and emerging artist Stemin is a soul/R&B vocalist, composer, and pianist. Born in Switzerland to a Swiss father and a German mother, it was Italy that he would call home growing up.

Stemin comes from a jazz, classical, and soul background, although he was raised in close contact with gospel and R&B music. While listening to musicians from the Motown era, Stemin fell in love with all aspects of soul music, which he pursued with longevity. Combining different styles and researching a personal expression in ways to use all the colors of his voice, he aims to open the eyes of his audience as they visit various emotions.

Teaming up with Chiara Stroia to produce a dazzling record circling the themes of love, "Falling" is the latest song to come from this dynamic duo. Taken into a jolt of beauty that has us swooning over the striking vocal harmonies present in this composition, there's much to feast on while digesting the minimalist approach to "Falling."

With instrumentation that holds the vibrant rhythm through the ebb and flow of the narrative, the consistency that remains in this piece has us over the moon ecstatic for how both Stemin and Chiara Stroia deliver their angelic croons. Performing to one another in this heartfelt ballad, you hear the passion that they each take into the burgeoning display of emotions.

We feel the intensity that simmers in the robust concept as our minds immediately take us to a place of familiarity and revisited memories. As the compelling elements blend with a prevailing tenor in this song, "Falling" has us opening our hearts and souls while doing precisely that. This sonic voyage navigates us through the mystically charged kingdom of sophistication at its finest while we long for another healthy dose of Stemin and Chiara Stroia thoughtful soundscapes.


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