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Mirror Speaks His Truth in Unique R&B Single, "Baby"

Los Angeles-based artist Mirror has a strong, eclectic sound to share with any willing listener. He strives to allow his music to resemble unique elements of pop-inspired R&B music, bringing in refreshing, possibly a never-before-heard style.

Mirror took his intricate time to refine his sound, and after releasing 4 singles, he's confident with his creative delivery. One of his current singles, titled "Baby," features this highly eclectic take on R&B music, and it's one to listen to purely for the experience of something incredibly different.

"Baby" undoubtedly has an eccentric production with its many instrumental and electronic combinations. The result is a melody that is original and disparate from the common sound one may be used to hearing. Mirror's vocal delivery stands out with his passionate, fierce approach with his tone.

The level of passion arises from the narrative of the song, predominantly having a theme that circulates infidelity, along with doubts that arise within relationships as a result. The lyricism contains within "Baby" portrays that Mirror is incredibly purposeful with his word choice, and one can feel the ferocity that arises from such realities exposed within the track.

Overall, "Baby" showed listeners that Mirror doesn't conform to the common sound, as his creative spunk is much more diverse. "Baby" is now available on streaming platforms; listen in today.

Hello Mirror and welcome to BuzzMusic. What kind of experiences led to the construction of your recent song release, "Baby?"

"Baby" was created completely on a whim… I wanted to write a pop ballad that could serve as the intro for my EP, but when my producer pulled up this beat I went to a completely different place and I loved it! Something very different from anything I’ve done before.

Your style is incredibly varied in "Baby", as the song tends to bring in many contrasting sounds. What kind of strategy was applied here when creating the production of the song?

I love production that keeps the listener on a ride where you don’t know if it’s going up, down, left or right! Using sounds that aren’t typical for the lyrical content I write is such a fun and creative twist that often I feel people stray from it.

What kind of response were you hoping to receive from the release of "Baby?"

I wanted people to just see and experience another side of my artistry. As much as I would love the vast recognition and awards I enjoy the experience of just doing what makes me happy and at the time baby made me happy!

Are you planning on creating future music that contains a similar energy to that of "Baby?"

I think going forward all of my art will incorporate different influences of hip hop, pop, R&B, and indie pop I just can’t be tied to one lol.

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