Miss Cactus Sends Empowerment To Women Everywhere With, "Timing"

Although 2020 was a complicated year for the music industry, it was also a year where new musical projects emerged. Talented singer and songwriter Miss Cactus resides between Hawaii and Los Angeles, California, where she feels inspired by the ocean's healing factors.

Presenting her latest single, "Timing," this song marks a new stage in her career. Miss Cactus exudes a developed sound that takes a more mature route. With her style, she embraces her Latin roots in her first release of 2021.

Being her first single released as a solo artist under Gratitude Sound Music label, Miss Cactus embraces the luxurious Pop sound that breaks barriers as she shakes our core. "Timing" offers up lush instrumentation that resides in the realm of Electro-Pop. Bestowing her voiced talents on a silver platter, the cascade of affluent vocals dazzle us in a glimmering spotlight. As Miss Cactus delves into harmonious bliss, we gently float to cloud nine, where we capture the fortified persona she embodies.