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Miss Cactus Sends Empowerment To Women Everywhere With, "Timing"

Although 2020 was a complicated year for the music industry, it was also a year where new musical projects emerged. Talented singer and songwriter Miss Cactus resides between Hawaii and Los Angeles, California, where she feels inspired by the ocean's healing factors.

Presenting her latest single, "Timing," this song marks a new stage in her career. Miss Cactus exudes a developed sound that takes a more mature route. With her style, she embraces her Latin roots in her first release of 2021.

Being her first single released as a solo artist under Gratitude Sound Music label, Miss Cactus embraces the luxurious Pop sound that breaks barriers as she shakes our core. "Timing" offers up lush instrumentation that resides in the realm of Electro-Pop. Bestowing her voiced talents on a silver platter, the cascade of affluent vocals dazzle us in a glimmering spotlight. As Miss Cactus delves into harmonious bliss, we gently float to cloud nine, where we capture the fortified persona she embodies.

"Timing" touches on lyrical content that Miss Cactus experienced firsthand. After walking out of a relationship that no longer served her, she grasps subjects that restate no matter how deep an attachment feels, closing the door on anyone bad for your health can be a powerful act of self-love disguised as a heartbreak.

The enthralling melodies that walk the line of empowering motifs have Miss Cactus setting the tone for her artistic career in 2021. With a music video capturing the scenic colors of retro vibrancy, the accompaniment of the intoxicating synthesis has us feeling the Hawaii ambiance while embracing the mature and elevated soundscape that Miss Cactus offers up in "Timing."

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Miss Cactus, and congratulations on the release of your latest single, “Timing.” Diving into such a vulnerable topic, what inspires you to be your most open self when creating music for your audience?

Thank you so much for having me and I hope you are loving the song as much as I do. “Timing” was written at an emotional time in my life and it often comes naturally for me to be vulnerable in the moment of creating art. This is because making music, and songwriting especially, has become a therapeutic practice that helps me process difficult situations. Sharing ivy songs requires bravery because I talk about very personal things in my music and wonder if I want people who know me to hear these intimate parts of my being. However, I know that I was placed on this earth to make someone else feel seen and heard when they are facing a challenge in life and can relate with one of my songs.

We absolutely loved the voicemail that was at the end of the track! What sparked your inspiration for adding this aspect into the overall creation of, “Timing?"

Thank you and oh my god that took some major courage to include in the song. That is a real voice message I recorded on my phone after I broke up with a guy but never actually sent because I had already blocked him [hahaha]. I was just thinking “man if there was one more thing I was gonna say it would be this.” At the end of the day, however, I knew silence was a stronger sign of “I don’t have time for you and you don’t have access to my space” so I left it at that. Then later I thought, “why not add it to this bad gal anthem?!” After all, this song is a compilation of all the sassy things you can say to a lame ex who doesn’t know your worth, but then again we know he isn’t worth the trouble so why say anything at all? Instead, we can jam to “Timing” and remind ourselves who the boss of our life is.

Now that you are starting your journey with Gratitude Sound Music Label, what are you most looking forward to in your endeavors with them?

Gratitude Sound has been very supportive of the vision and we are releasing more music and visuals soon so stay tuned! We have put together beautiful things.

As a multi-instrumentalist on top of being a singer and songwriter, do you have a particular area of your craft that you like to embrace more than others?

I actually truly enjoy the visual aspect of it. I love putting together aesthetic concepts for the music and videos. I handcraft a lot of my props and style all my outfits. I make the choreographies, and I direct everything. I really love getting to this part of my artistry because it's refreshing and different from writing the music. However, writing songs is also an overall necessity in my life so I guess you could say I am doing that more often. I have learned however that in order to dive deep into my artistry means being in close connection to all aspects of it.

What can we expect to see next from you?

Well, the music video for Timing is officially out on January 29th, and after that we have another single and more videos coming. This is all just the beginning for 'LuvMirage,' my first EP as Miss Cactus which will come out this year with another single leading its release. I also have some collaborations that have been cooking for some time now, so expect the nonstop flow of music and visuals this year.



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