Miss Pvssy Is Slaying The Charts With “Slay”

Born all the way on the southside of Chicago, Miss Pvssy found her love in music inspired by her older sister. Miss Pvssy recently released her first freestyle video last March which helped her perform at places she only dreamed of performing at. After ChiRaq Freestyle, Pvssy release 2 more freestyle videos in a short film called “SELF- the introduction” which featured“Just Ain’t Me” and “Beach Is Better” that showed even more of her fierce hardcore lyrics and style.

Miss Pvssy seems to be making a name for herself, and we couldn’t be any more excited to hear the release of her single titled “Slay” and this song was a HIT. The banging beat had my head swaying and feeling the track even more. Miss Pvssy's bold lyricism made this song edgy and gave it a raw and hardcore vibe to the record. Miss Pvssy delivers every part of the song in an aggressive yet relaxed vocal delivery. Miss Pvssy gives the right amount of attitude to the record that will have the listener feeling every bit of the song. You’re bound to feel a new overwhelming feeling of confidence from listening to this record. Miss Pvssy has unique artistry that not many other artists can project. She’s confident, talented, and easily digestible to this current age of hip-hop. Miss Pvssy seems like the next big thing to come out of Chicago, and we’re excited to see what she has in store for us next!

Listen to "Slay" here and get to know more about Miss Pvssy below!

Welcome to Buzzmusic Miss Pvssy! Tell us about your journey so far. What has been the most monumental moment in your career so far for you?

Being such a new artist I’m like a kid on a family vacation. Everything is so new and beautiful like I dreamed. I want to just inhale it all in one by one and take my time. 

One I could name is after a performance I had, a beautiful girl cried telling me “thank you, don’t stop what your doing!” Ive gotten this before and it always brings tears to me. Not that it made me feel accomplished but for her. I feel like whatever she felt while I was performing made her feel brave, within. To be the strongest version of herself. If I can touch someone to not let go or feel insecure, I will dammit! 

What are some challenges you face? How do you manage to overcome these obstacles?

Rule #1 is stay in your OWN lane. I’m not here to compete because there’s only one of me. Everyone has their own special powers but they’re never the same. If we realize it doesn’t have to be a competition we will stop feeling as if we’re “struggling” and enjoy where life has placed us for the moment. It’s steps to success and I love each one! I’ll even sit back on some for a bit to meditate and get my mind right. 

Rule #2 I could say being black and queer but instead I refuse to sit on that but to show our worth. We’re so powerful and talented. I live with a positive mind as a sword so excuse me if I refuse to name a challenge. I’ll call them lessons and in that case they’re meant to be there. Accepting everything won’t go as YOUR plan but as God will help you accept even the closed doors. When you have something, nothing can break it not even a “challenge”. 

We loved your record “Slay”. What was the goal of this song? What was the main theme?

Thank you! It was perfect timing for me wanting to do a track that wasn’t a freestyle. I met a great producer at a Charli XCX house party named OhBoy. I ended up clicking with him and his rainbow of creative friends and was invited to jam out the next night. They were visiting from Australia so I figured we would have a cool freestyle session and that’s all. Soon as I walked in OhBoy and engineer Curtis, had a track saying it’s for me! Not going to lie I was nervous how the verses would get done so fast. Verses aren’t easy to create sometimes and are important to the song. Soon as he played the track I just heard the verse! A artist DiscoShrine was there and was down to add some soft cute vocals to the hook and chorus and bam! 

OhBoy gave me a lot of permission for this track and didn’t give me a theme. The goal for us was to create a song that made people want to let go and have fun. How music should be. We go through shit in our lives and a good dance song with a wild Southside chick on it, wants to help! Wipe those tears and SLAY life! 

What inspired you to write “Slay”? 

Any verse I write is a mixture of life I lived, saw and want to talk about. My music like ChiRaq Freestyle and Beach Is Better are full of that rap bitch confidence. Lil Kim and Missy wrote songs like this that after made you feel brave and willing to take 0 crap! I want the listener to feel powerful inside. Throw them hands up and go cray and SLAY! 

What’s next for you Miss Pvssy? We're excited to hear what you're working on

I appreciate it, this is for sure the beginning!

I’m excited to work on the Music Video and travel more. Traveling internationally is another dream of mine so to perform and travel aboard will be next. Contracts being signed okur! Stay tuned on my YouTube I’m posting more videos and Vlogs coming as well. Sis isn’t going anywhere okay, she’s here to SLAY! 


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