Miyuki Releases Her Stunning Debut Trance Single “Wanderer” Featuring Aika Zabala In 2018!

A spectacular sonic sensation in full-effect, Miyuki’s wild career as a DJ/Producer is set to branch out & blossom in an entirely new direction once again as she continues to evolve & thrive as an artist and specialist in all-things-Electro. Transitioning her style & sound into a stunning & uplifting Trance vibe for her latest single “Wanderer” – Miyuki proves she’s a verifiable force to be reckoned with through the multiple layers of intense, ethereal, engaging and imaginative music she’s created. With the graceful, angelic, and crystalline melodies supplied by guest vocalist Aika Zabala infused with Miyuki’s spirited energy & vibrantly colorful sound, “Wanderer” quickly becomes a powerfully moving, soul soothing, and emotionally provocative experience designed to connect straight to the hearts & minds of all who listen.

Through a hypnotic blend of boldly produced, mesmerizing & captivating sounds and gorgeously dreamy vocals – “Wanderer” highlights the Vancouver-based Miyuki’s uniquely charismatic approach to Trance music and her own world-class professionalism. With immaculate attention to detail and a dedicated effort to creating authentic entertainment from the lefts to the rights, her talented ear for sound and exceptional instincts have led Miyuki straight towards a new path of success with the official release of “Wanderer” and started an entirely exciting chapter of her career that she can’t wait to share with each & every one of you out there. Available online everywhere as of November 21st, 2018 – join Miyuki as she takes her music to the next-level and beyond in a fully audible display of fireworks you won’t forget.

Listen to the song here: https://fanlink.to/miyu

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