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MKHL Explains Why He's "Distant" in Modern Hip/Hop-Inspired Track

Contemporary Hip/Hop artist MKHL has had a strong passion for the art of sound ever since he can remember. He strives to use the resources around him to construct the most innovative and refreshing type of sound for music listeners.

Based in London, UK, MKHL began his career dabbling in Country music, which didn't last long until he shifted his sights on the Hip/Hop genre. Once MKHL made the move to New York, he found himself getting a feature in Complex magazine, and from there, he advanced his sound with all the knowledge he's gained up to that point. With his infectious charisma in place, MKHL is here to present his latest offering to the music world.

MKHL gives a real straightforward rap delivery in his latest track, "Distant," which featured a clear, confident, and focused approach from MKHL. Every lyric MKHL provides flows out of him with such articulation and he gives listeners a potent array of content within "Distant" so that there's a multitude of takeaways. You can learn a lot from MKHL on this track if you're looking to expand your mindset. It's beneficial to listen closely as he lets listeners in on his raw life experiences and the thinking patterns resulting from them, which is quite the performance. As for the production, MKHL's audacious persona fits right into the underlying beat, which exudes a dark, compelling, and powerful energy. He makes listening ears perk and fixates attention on him with a natural kind of ease. MKHL is one rapper that isn't afraid to be his honest self, which was highly portrayed in "Distant." All in all, "Distant" was one of the best tracks from MKHL that set him up in a great way for the rest of his artistic career. "Distant" is now available on digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic MKHL. You gave quite the vigorous performance in your recent song, "Distant." Can you elaborate on the emotions involved in writing and recording this single?

Before making "Distant," my song "By Myself" became my first single to break a million total streams, and then it went on to break over 8 million and to count to this day. With my listener base suddenly expanding so much, I felt like I needed to start reaching more into my roots in hip-hop, which for me started back in London listening to Grime and Garage. I wanted to highlight that my choice to leave home wasn't made lightly, and every bit of success that's come since has been due to hard work. I always want to inspire people with my hooks and create a feeling of power within yourself, and "Distant" resulted from that.

"Distant" saw the collaboration between you and artist Jadakiss. How was it working with Jadakiss on this particular song? How do you feel they added to the overall atmosphere and quality of it?

I'm the first UK artist since Stormzy and JME to have Jadakiss on a song, so for me, it was like having the gods of hip-hop tell me I'm doing something right. Jada was straightforward to work with. My first interaction with him was through Instagram. I wanted someone to co-sign me, but only if they liked the song. I sent him Distant, and not even a few days later, I had an email I never thought id see. Jadakiss sent me a whole intro calling out my name! I had to cut it short. He was giving me so much praise I had to think about the song, lol. His intro created the entire vibe I wanted for "Distant" as a follow-up to my wildly successful single "By Myself." As soon as the song begins and his voice plays out, I always see people's faces light up, they can't believe it. He's really on an MKHL song. They're so excited. I get to see them genuinely go through every emotion I did when I first got the vox from him, and to me, that's everything.

How were you hoping the listeners of "Distant" would interpret you as an artist upon experiencing the song?

"Distant" is my stamp in HipHop. I have one of the most prolific names in HipHop backing my UK drill song, and I'm doing it indie. It's me letting the big dogs in the game know I'm right here and I'm coming.

Upon releasing "Distant," did you notice a common theme within your style as an artist? Do you see yourself releasing future music that takes on a similar vibe that "Distant" had? What's coming up next for you?

Distant was the beginning of my shift into a more personal style of music. A lot of my singles are made with the intent of just having fun or fitting a vibe, but now I'm working on my Album.

I've taken time to know my sound even across genres, so you'll hear a wide range of styles that are all entirely an MKHL experience in my upcoming project. "By Myself" helped me find my audience, and "Distant" is how I found my voice. My upcoming Album will be the accumulation of almost 11 years of development, independence, and an overwhelming passion for being the best artist ever lived.



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