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Mobile Gives Us “In My Heart”

Mobile, the acclaimed JUNO Award-winning rock band hailing from Quebec, is back with a vengeance after a 15-year hiatus, proving their musical prowess remains undiminished.

The group, consisting of vocalist Mat Joly, guitarists Christian Brais and Frank Williamson, and drummer Pierre-Marc Hamelin, has rekindled their creative partnership, sparking a renewed vigour and passion for their art. The highly anticipated album, Roadmap to Redemption, set to be released on March 31 via Sonic Envy/Warner Music Canada, marks a triumphant return for the band, showcasing their growth and evolution while staying true to their roots.

"In My Heart" is a standout track from Roadmap to Redemption, blending the band's signature rock sound with an irresistibly funky 80's vibe. The song features splashy snares and rising synths, evoking a sense of nostalgia that transports the listener to another era. Lyrically, "In My Heart" delves into the introspective journey of letting go, embracing the night, and seeking solace in the depths of one's heart during trying times.

This captivating tune exemplifies the band's artistic growth, seamlessly melding modern pop sensibilities with their distinct rock foundation. Gauthier Marinoff's ethereal production ensures that the band's newfound direction maintains its authenticity while capturing the urgency and intensity Mobile is renowned.

Vocalist Mat Joly's melodic prowess is on full display in "In My Heart," highlighting the undeniable chemistry between the band members that has long been a cornerstone of their success. The reassembled original lineup brings a fresh perspective to their partnership, evident in the palpable energy and emotion that permeates the entire album.

The band's commitment to their craft shines through in Roadmap to Redemption, as they have forged an album true to their artistic vision without succumbing to external pressures. Mat Joly eloquently states, "We are very proud, happy, and excited about this new album. It sounds real. It sounds powerful, and we put a lot of heart and soul into it. We made the album we wanted to make without any outside pressure, so we just went with the flow and trusted our feelings, and I think it pays off in the end."

"In My Heart" is a testament to Mobile's resilience and unwavering dedication to their musical journey, serving as a beacon of hope for fans eagerly awaiting the release of Roadmap to Redemption. As the band embarks on this next chapter, it is clear that their story is far from over, and their future is as bright as ever.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Mobile! Cheers to your latest anthem, “In My Heart,” which embodies an 80's vibe. What inspired you to fuse these elements into the track, and how did the creative process unfold while composing this particular song?

The inspiration came fairly quickly for this one. Christian had worked on the instrumental and played it for me one night, and I got really inspired and came up with vocal ideas and random words, and then we could put it together nicely.

The lyrics of "In My Heart" focus on letting things flow and drifting into the night when one's spirit is down. Can you share any personal experiences or emotions that influenced the poignant message behind the song?

It’s about walking down the street late at night and feeling pretty down and out of place, but knowing that you will eventually have to find a way to get better. Havin’ faith that things will be ok, but first, you've got to get through the bullshit…If I may say.

"In My Heart" showcases the band's evolution, blending your signature rock sound with modern pop elements. How did you approach balancing these genres, and did you face any challenges maintaining your unique identity while incorporating these new influences?

I think it all came down; naturally, we started writing that record without expectations from anybody and just wanted to write good songs. The problem sometimes is when you think too much and try too hard to fit or write in a certain genre, you can easily get caught up, and it can lead you to a certain path, and I don’t think it’s the right thing to do.

As a standout track on the album, "In My Heart" highlights the chemistry between the band members. How has your collaborative dynamic evolved over the years, and what unique contributions did each of you bring to the creation of this song?

Most of the songs are usually written by Christian and myself, and we also did some co-writing with Matt Dematteo, a producer and a songwriter from Canada. As far as this song is concerned, Christian and I started the song together, and Maa and I had a go at it later in the process, and we wrote the bridge in one take if I remember correctly. We have such a natural bond musically; it’s always been there and very rewarding.

With "In My Heart" solidifying your growth as a band, how do you envision your musical direction and sound evolving in the future? Are there any specific themes, styles, or collaborations you want to explore in your upcoming projects?

That’s a good question. To be honest, I have no idea what is in the cards for Mobile in the near future. Apart from promoting this new album and playing shows, I don’t know if and when we’ll release new music. Hopefully, we will someday have a great relationship and love playing music together, so we’ll see.

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