Modern Water Is Everything You Miss About Music

I don't know about you, but we sure miss a lot about the music we grew up with. Maybe it's really just the growing up part. The freedom of our youth and not having too much of a care in the world. Not exactly sure. But for the duration of different times in our lives, we have a soundtrack that follows suit. The songs we listened to and obsessed over back then. It's been some time since we heard anything that gave that feeling back. Until Modern Water.


A guitar-driven alternative pop / Indie rock record, First Light In the Uncanny Valley is a pure and fun way to delve into something new and familiar at the same time. Wildly catchy guitars, choruses, and melodies are strung together throughout this record and you never quite feel like you've had enough. That's a beautiful thing. 

With several singles within the album, our favorite is easy "Seven or Eight". The song touches on an older Modest Mouse style of songwriting and gets your head bobbing along with its pop-driven quirkiness. Modern Water is its own brand of pop music! The album is out now on all platforms.