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Molly Warburton Takes a Leap of Faith for Her Dreams on “Gold”

Sometimes, you have to put it all on the line to succeed.

As a master of beautifully capturing the realities and emotions of introspection, Lancaster-based musician Molly Warburton knows the captivating artistic power of genuine emotion. Equally as comfortable writing, singing, or performing Molly’s artistic repertoire has left audiences spellbound and speechless, captivating fans and peers with her signature synth-pop sound. Having always worn her passion for music on her sleeve, this rising star burns with a passion for music that isn’t often seen, leaving no doubt in our minds that big things are in store for this rising star.

Having embarked on her music career at the tender age of 14, Molly Warburton's love affair with music is a tale that’s been many years in the making. Having been featured on high-profile projects and playlists like BBC Introducing and various Spotify Editorial Playlists, Molly’s significant artistic talents have also been recognized by her contemporaries in the industry. Artistically profound in multiple ways but continually thankful and down to earth, her persona has endeared her to fans, melting hearts everywhere and forging genuine emotional connections with her transparent and touching lyricism.

Befitting her warm artistic approach, on Molly Warburton's new release “Gold,” happy and upbeat synths form the basis for an uplifting and energizing instrumental performance. In “Gold,” Molly Warburton shows that sometimes, we just have to take a leap of faith. As lyrics like “I’m going for gold / I’ve waited some time, but now it’s happening” show, Molly Warburton isn’t going just to stand around and wait for her dreams to come to her. She will take her future into her own hands; by all accounts, she’s doing an incredible job.

Molly Warburton’s new release, “Gold,” is a testament to her courage, determination to succeed, and an inspiring release that will uplift your spirits. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Molly Warburton’s new release, “Gold,” on all majour streaming platforms.


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