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Momentum Continues For YG Marley With Sophomore Single, 'Freedom'

There's only one artist maintaining the legacy of past iconic musicians while forging his own path in the new music industry. That would be YG Marley, the young Gongite making waves worldwide. And now, he's treating fans to his newest single, "Freedom."

In case you've been living under a rock, YG Marley is the star child of Rohan Marley and Lauryn Hill, grandson of the great Bob Marley. While Bob's music spoke the language of love and peace to humankind worldwide, YG's debut single, "Praise Jah In The Moonlight," took on a similar theme.

Sampling Bob Marley & The Wailers' "Crisis," a song that speaks to the perpetual state of crisis worldwide, YG brought that back to the masses when we needed it most. And this time around, he's doubling his impact with another stellar single titled "Freedom." While we only have the live version for the time being, it packs all the soul and passion we'd expect from YG Marley's sophomore single.

The live version kicks off with the energy and power of a kickass concert, shifting into the groovy and toe-tapping reggae beat of YG Marley's "Freedom" alongside his melodic vocals and palpable energy that's oozing through the speakers. As he reaches the hook, YG unleashes an anthemic listening experience that encourages listeners to march toward freedom with everything they've got.

It's clear the apple doesn't fall far from the Marley tree with this release. Maintaining the message of his grandfather and reimagining it in the modern day, YG Marley is an artist for the people, and he's spreading the message of Rastafari one banger at a time.


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