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MonClaire Brings Together Two Genres Into One Dynamic Hit, “Another One”

Originating all the way from New York, MonClaire is coming with an explosive single that will put him on the map! New York has birthed some of the greatest icons in hip-hop music and MonClaire is the next to come out of this legendary city. Monclaire released the refreshing song titled “Another One”. “Another One” had dynamic energy and an invigorating vibe that will attract its listener and leave us in an endless sensation. “Another One” is the type of song that can be played on radios and functions due to the slapping beat and hard-hitting delivery from MonClaire.

MonClaire’s flow was immaculate. He had excellent breath control and an exciting transition between tempos that impressively complemented the rhythm of the beat. “Another One” is a song that will get you hyped but also motivated. We all have our songs that we listen to for encouragement and to give us that exciting push. “Another One” energy radiates through the music onto the listener to give you a more vibrant but aggressive vibe. MonClaire not only smashes the hip-hop formula but also tackles on Pop in a trendy style that you have never seen before! Monclaire shows us that he can sufficiently blend himself in between both genres to give us a multi-faceted and two-dimensional hit! “Another One” is digestible for many lovers and will surely be one of the songs of 2020! You can listen to “Another One” by MonClaire here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic MonClaire! What initially inspired you to pursue music?

I originally fell in love with music at an early age listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, Snoop Dogg, and Lil Wayne. The combination of the genres has inspired me to make the music I do today.

Tell us about your song “Another One”. what was the meaning behind the lyrics in this record?

After taking a Hiatus from rapping in my previous album “Substance” I wanted to get right back into the cadence of verses and show the world I can still rap. I think I did that on this record while including a hook with a touch of melody in it.

Knowing you have the ability to blend together hip-hop and pop, how would you describe the production of “Another One”?

The production of Another One was unique during the mixing process. Also adding melodies to the hook and adlibs throughout the verses was critical in the success of this record.

What was the most challenging aspect of creating “Another One” and why?

I personally don’t like to think that creating songs are challenging I believe its a natural form of art and a way each person gets to express themselves. Each person gets to develop a different meaning to the track when listening as well. I love writing and recording so, personally creating music isn’t challenging. 

What’s next for you MonClaire?

MonClaire will be releasing a song titled “Chosen” on New Years Day in 2020 along with a video to the song “Got Me So”. MonClaire will also be releasing a new single at least once a month in 2020 while working on my next album.



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