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Monday Music: Nia Orea Releases New Hit "Budda"

Marcia Evans, known as Nia Orea is an electronic and dance musician. Nia's love for music started very early on. From living in a house where the stereo stayed on permanently to her uncle managing Bob Marley, Nia Orea was bound to be in music. Kicking off her music career by producing local dancehall acts became a huge success! Nia Orea's style ranges from a variety of styles within the Electronic and EDM genres, with teases into Trap, Pop, Future Bass and Hip Hop. Nia Orea describes her sound as “Urban Bass” with influences coming from artists like Flume, Bonobo, Flying Lotus and Diplo. Let’s take a look into a track off her new EP titled “Budda”.

Nia Orea has some sass! Being in the EDM game as a female is tough enough but to come in with some heat this hard is amazing! "Budda" starts off with this nice build up...then the beat drops. This trippy, vibey, bouncy track will be stuck in your head for days! The production for "Budda" was done top notch. The vocal overlays are just enough. Some EDM artists seem to get wrapped up in just the vocals or just the beat, here we have a nice healthy balance making this hit smooth as silk. “Budda” has officially been added to my current work playlist and I encourage others to tune in and see how awesome "Budda" really is!

Listen to "Budda" here and be sure to follow Nia Orea on social media for all new music and updates!

Hey Nia! Can you do me a favor and introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey Everyone! My name is Nia Orea and my aim is to make music that you can daydream to. I wanna connect and take my listeners on a journey. 

What to you is the hardest thing as a female in the EDM world?

Getting noticed and being taken seriously.....I really hate to say it but things need to change....big time and its taking way too long. 

When you are stuck in your music, what are some things you do to get out of that creative rut?

Well I'm a gamer so when I'm stuck it means its time to take a break, unwind and then the musical juices will start flowing again.

Can you give us an insight to this track “Budda”?

Wanted to create a hype track for the EDM community, It's festival season soon so you know. Also it was time for me to switch things up a bit.

For the fellow EDM ladies out there, do you have any advice?

Stay consistent ladies, network and stay positive. Never give up on your dreams and don't let anyone stop you from chasing after them.

What can we expect from you this year Nia?

I'm giving my all this year cause last year was all about growth for me, this year I just want to show the world what I got. 


Connect with Nia Orea on social media:


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