Montréal Based Band Algorhythm Releases Their Charming Piano Instrumental, “Collections”

Canadian Montréal based prog-rock/jazz group Algorhythm returns with their jazz/classical infused instrumental titled “Collections”. The group was founded by previous Maestro of the USSR Symphony-Jazz National Orchestra Lawrence Djintcharadze’s protégé and now Algorhythm's frontman/keyboardist Alexander Lioubimenko. Although the group consists of 5 well-rounded professional musicians, their latest instrumental “Collections” features the timeless piano playing of none other than Alexander Lioubimenko himself. He displays his cerebral piano/composing skills while adding layered depth to Algorhythm’s discography. Mentioning that a great deal of their music derives off pure spontaneity, we’re able to fully understand the well-oiled machine that is Algorhythm.

Algorhythm is said to be a team full of individuals who brings unique elements to the table, through their latest single “Collections”, we’re able to grasp Alexander Lioubimenko’s jazz/classical blend through limitless piano playing. Displaying what he’s learned from being one of the youngest people to pass the McGill Conservatory of Music official exam with distinction, his skilled piano stands at the forefront through the entirety of the song. Opening with more of a jazzy feel with rhythmic and fresh chord progressions, yet about a quarter the way through, we reach a classical sound with harmonically-rich chords and fluttering melodies. Gracefully shifting back and forth between invigorating and peaceful delivery, Algorhythm’s latest piano instrumental gives us a glimpse of their broad discography. Their latest single “Collections” is definitely worth a listen.

Listened to "Collections" here.