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“Mountain” By Miqueas Lopez Gives You Strength To Push On

American Christian Pop artist Miqueas Lopez sends inspirational messages with his songs that are fun and you won’t regret listening to. “Mountain” is his debut single that was released April 2019 and instantly encourages and inspires listeners to believe there’s no mountain big or strong enough to defeat you as long as you have faith.

“Mountain” is an uplifting and encouraging track that has moving rhythms and beautiful harmonies scattered throughout. Starting off with a little speech that helps ease you into the lyrics that are packed with hope and meaning, along with beautiful piano chords, guitar riffs and the blend of various other instruments that help create that vivacious and full sound. The lyrics in “Mountain” are extremely well written and empower the listener to push for more in life, to keep fighting through the hard times, and are easy to connect with on a spiritual level. The vocals are smooth and enthusiastic as Miqueas hits the higher notes with ease but also glides along the low notes so professionally. You can truly feel the passion in “Mountain” bursting through each word and note that is sung, and I personally felt a jolt of energy while listening to the powerful message that is being delivered through this melodic and structured tune. I thoroughly suggest listening to “Mountain” by Miqueas Lopez whether you’re having a hard time in life, had a rough day, or even if you just want to listen to some feel good music – because this is exactly the track for any type of day!

Listen to "Mountain" here and get to know more about Miqueas Lopez below!

Hey Miqueas! Great to chat with you! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Absolutely! My name is Miqueas Lopez and I’m the 3rd most important person in my family. My wife Kayla, my 1 year old Zeal and I make up the Lopez family. We live in West Palm Beach, FL and I absolutely love spending time with my family and friends. God is a huge part of our lives, and leading my family in His steps is a huge part of what makes life so fun for us. 

How did you find your passion for playing and writing music that inspires your audience?

Music is something that has always been in my blood from a very young age. From being in a huge Puerto Rican family of musicians and singers, to learning a lot of my musical chops from playing gospel music in my home church in NY, you can say I had plenty of inspiration.

What message are you hoping your listeners take from “Mountain”?

Once I began singing & writing, I immediately knew this is what I was suppose to do with my life. But I never wanted my music to be just a good hook and catchy chorus. I’ve always wanted my music to encourage and inspire. Everyone has a story to tell. Some tell it through scripts, some tell it through books or poems and some even tell it with a picture, I guess my place is to tell the story with a song. “Mountain” is a song that is telling the listener THEY CAN , when they believe they can’t. That No matter how big your circumstance looks, God is bigger! 

What inspires your upbeat and vivacious sound and have you encountered any challenges when trying to create it?

Failure to me, isn’t just realizing that you haven’t yet accomplished your goal but understanding you now know all the ways that don’t work. Keep grinding & keep working. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Sure, I’ve failed! Sure, I’ll probably fail again but I do believe that my music is going to change someone’s life, even if it’s for just one person!

What can we expect to see next from you in 2019?

2019 is a big year, because all of the blood, sweat & tears that I’ve put into my music is finally going to be shared with the world. This month, I will be releasing my 2nd single “Battle”. Later this summer I will also be releasing my debut EP. Very excited to share some songs that mean a lot to me and my family. Just praying that these song have a voice and tell a beautiful story that inspires the one. 


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