Move to the Groove of "Downtown" by Paul Cafcae

Paul Cafcae has had an ear for staying melodies from an early age. Starting on the accordion, studying music theory, piano, and vocals in the USSR, he picked up the guitar while attending high school in Maryland, USA. Around this time, he began experimenting with writing his own material before touring with several bands across Europe and North America.

Taking advantage of the pandemic by continuously exercising his undeniable writing techniques, Paul Cafcae understands the importance of a song that is flooded with infectious grooves. The buoyancy emitted in his most recent release, “Downtown,” plays upon a Country swing fused with a Blues inspired framework. You immediately envision yourself taking in the melodic structure of this song at a venue of your choice while sipping on a cold beer and sharing the moment with your friends.

Adding a smidge of mockery into the way that Paul Cafcae showcases the mesmerizing lyrics, there is no doubt about it; you will be tapping your fingers and toes to the jaunty navigation of “Downtown.” The magnetism that pours from the opulent guitar riffs and exceedingly vibrant drum patterns rev up your engine as you indulge in the amplified sound of nostalgic tenors. The intention set in place for Paul Caface’s “Downtown” is to make light of the cultural differences of the big wig, busy city people, and the rest of the world who groove in the outwards of society.

To sweeten the deal, Paul Cafcae recruits Venezuelan Hector Alexander to amplify his talents during a harmonica solo that speaks for itself. “Downtown” glistens in the upbeat universe of an astonishing Blues soundwave that trickles into a boisterous collaboration of artistry. Paul Cafcae is most definitely on to the way he has us craving a live show on a Saturday night.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Paul Cafcae, its a pleasure to sit down with you. The Country meets Blues sound that you nail in “Downtown” has us fully immersed in the energy this track brings forth. How did you come up with the idea for the subject of “Downtown?"