Mr. 425 Releases New Track "Mellow"

Mr425” AKA Jo Krassin, a Hip Hop Producer & Rap Artist from the PNW. Born in Everett, Washington also known as Jet City, where the cultured has sculpted him for the better or worse. Growing up playing guitar and drums in multiple bands, he decided to venture over to Hip Hop in February of 2018, that would be a hard leap for few but he has over 10 years of music writing experience. Dropping his first ever Mix "LibeRated" September 11th, where he was met with cheers & jeers. As of August, he taught himself a new program and as a result is working on a new mixtape called "Hyphy As Fuck". A angsty concept mixed with Heavy 808 beats and anger. He spends the other part of his time making head bumping beats for other rappers.

The new track “Mellow” starts off with what sounds like an audio recording of a fight going on and then the trap beat comes in. There his lyrics are filled with sexual innuendos and metaphors that the listener can catch if they listen carefully. There are repeating “damns” here and there while his rap verses are layered together which give it a cool effect. His use of sound effects really give his track a unique sound . For example when he says hear my roar and then he gives like an electronic roar that really goes with the aesthetic of his song. He knows how to use his pauses and rests to really get the trap beat going. Overall he has a good beat for his song and has really smart and clever verses. Make sure to check out his beats too at

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