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Mr Bangz Gives Us Afro-Fusion Sound On Latest Track: “Ice Cream”

The fusion of Rap, Reggae, Dancehall and R&B are all present on Mr. Bangz latest track: ‘Ice Cream’. On his debut solo single the beats are ticking and the heat is on high, delivering lyrics in both English and Krio. Mr Bangz has introduced us to his solo character; a smooth talking, suave, lady loving bloke that has gotten himself into a wee bit of a love triangle situation and doubled dipped his “chip”. It’s got all the markings of a summer jam; off- beat rhythms drop staccato beats which gives the track a jumpy feel- and we all know what jumping can lead to…. you got it, dancing. Don’t be afraid to grind up to the one you love while listening to this hot track- on the beach, in the club, poolside; this track is summer time lit!

Mr Bangz is a British- Sierra Leonean Afro-pop artist and a former member of the 2015 Kora nominated duo, Double Bangz. “Ice Cream” is his first solo single on his comeback journey as an independent singer/songwriter. The track is also accompanied by a fresh new music video shot in London, UK by the very talented UK-based Nigerian director, Martin of Simplicity Studio. The video follows Mr. Bangz acting out the “Ice Cream” premise of his entanglement in a juicy love triangle.

“Ice Cream” is available for streaming here, and don’t miss the complementing music video below!

Keep scrolling for Mr. Bangz exclusive interview with us at BuzzMusic.


Congratulations on your latest single “Ice Cream”. Can you start off by telling the readers a bit about yourself?

Thank you.  I go by the name Mr Bangz, and I am Sierra Leonean living in London, UK. I juggle my music with a professional job, working as an Analyst. I love music, so whenever I am not at work I go to the studio to make music.

What was the motivation to write a song like “Ice Cream”? Where did the idea come from?

The motivation for "Ice Cream" is from my everyday life experinces, and also from anyone who doubted I could do it alone. The idea for the song was inspired by a few other British acts whose music I have been really drawn to. And my aim was to do a song with a UK vibe, fused with a taste Sierra Leone.

What’s it like preforming as a solo artist compared to being part of a duo?

It's very different, but in a way, I like it. It's easier to make decision and I also have the freedom to do the type of songs I wish to do.

Where does your creative flow come from?

Anything and everything. From life experiences, to family, other artists that I admire and my environment really. 

What’s next for you?

ANSWER: For now I just want to be dropping singles, stay relevant and continue to make more good music.


Catch up with Mr. Bangz via the artists Instagram and Twitter.


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