Mr. Giant Brings The Funk With New EP "Face To Face"

The Jazz, and funk fusion band, Mr. Giant is excited to release their first studio album in 2019! The band, hailing from all around the world but currently residing in Los Angeles, was founded by Bruno Neves in 2017. Having gained a large fan following in the past 2 years, Mr. Giant is ready to share their journey in anticipation for their new EP "Face To Face"

The release of their single “Seven Feet Tall” off the EP fuses together several different instruments to fabricate a suave and sensational sound that we can kickback, and relax to! Some of the most noticeable instruments that was apparent in my listening were the Saxophone, Piano keys, and the drums. I even heard a little bit of the trumpet, adding on a bluesy feel to the jazz reverberating tune. You can’t really categorize this type of music because although it lacks vocals and lyrics, they’re still able to tell a story just by the instruments creating multiple patterns.

My favorite part of this song begins at 5:36. The chaotic, fast-paced sound all the instruments produced in one unison was the end of the climax before the smooth-sailing , groovy and sensual resonance transitions in. MR. GIANT released an outgoing and charismatic mix and we’re as excited to share it with everyone as they are!

You can listen to the full EP here.

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