Mr. J Releases Classic Rap Hit "Wonderful"

Mr. J is a rapper hailing from Detroit, Michigan. His release of his new song “Wonderful” was a classic rap tune possessed with great lyrical content and an intended message. What I personally enjoyed the most about this single is you can obviously tell Mr. J knows what type of artist he is. He projects his passion with every rap line he delivers. The confidence he has is a noticeable trait in his flow. Speaking on his flow, Mr. J has the quintessential era of rap down pact with his contemporary hip hop swag. I can see the ability of him being able to take different stylistic approaches with his music. Whether he chooses to stick in his same lane of thought-provoking lyricism with chilled and laid back beats or switch it up with fun word-play and a banging tap beat, there’s no doubt in my mind Mr. J can and will succeed in all regions of rap. “Wonderful” is a story-telling single. Based off the lyrical variations, I can assume Mr. J is a big fan of Biggie Smalls, an legendary rapper and hip hop influence for most artists. You can check out his single “Wonderful” and connect with Mr. J on his social media!

You can check out his single “Wonderful” and connect with Mr. J on his social media!

Read our exclusive interview with Mr.J and learn more how he discovered rap, to where he is now in the music industry.

Mr. J mind telling our readers about your upbringing and a little bit about yourself?

Born and raised in Detroit, MI, to Christian parents. God was and still is the major factor in our life. I actually used to sing in the church when I was little. As you grow older you discover new things. One of those things was hip hop, and it's has been a journey ever since.

When did you discover your love for rap music?

1994 was when rap and I met. Through a song called Flavor in ya ear by Craig Mack. (R.I.P.). The flow, the beat, the vibe, the flavor (pun intended) was all very new to me. It felt like something special grabbed a hold of me and I didn't want it to let go.

Do you write all of your material? Do you think songwriting is a necessary skill for rappers to have?

Yes, I couldn't call my self a emcee if I didn't write all my material. I respect the art and the rules of real hip hop so much that I have to do it justice. I am a very unique individual so everything I say has to come from me. From the brain to the page to the song. I still believe that have all rappers should write their own raps. But the game has changed so bad that no one cares, just as long as the song is banging that's all that matters to the younger generation. All the rules and standards have been completely tossed out the window.

What’s your artist lyrical interpretation for your single “Wonderful”?

When I heard the beat, it just had that old school hip hop vibe to it that was right on my level. The words just came running to me. I knew I had to step up and answer the call of the spirit of hip hop. What's crazy is, I was actually going through a rough time at that point. People was breaking in my home and my Grandmother was dying. They broke in on a Thursday and I push myself to get up and keep going. I recorded Wonderful 2 days later, the same time my mother was saying goodbye to her mother. So instead of writing a depressed song, I recorded a positive song in spite of the negativity.

We notice you mention Biggie in your song, is he one of your musical influences? If not and if so, who are some other rap influencers or hip-hop artists you think impact your music?

Yes, Biggie was phenomenal, with no effort his flow was just flawless. I'm still trying to get to that level. He stopped writing raps on paper and just started writing them in his head. I still need to take time with mine. 2pac, Nas, Eminem and Common along with others are my main influence. I love artists that's true to themselves and to the art. 2pac always followed his heart, and that's why all these years he is still loved and missed cause he stayed true to himself. Staying true to yourself is the realest thing that anyone can do.

What’s next for you Mr.J?

I really want to get my name out here more. It takes time and a lot of grind. I have a EP out now called "The day I Stopped Caring". I'm working on a follow up called "Free To Be Me", that I want to drop next year. I just dropped a video called "Dee Troit Em Eye". Its the second single from the EP. Then after that we will drop the third video called "Praise God Not The Money". Big Things are definitely in the future.

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