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Mrs. Henry Prepares To Release Rock Opera With Lead Single, "Everybody Wants Peace and Love"

The six sizzling members of San Diego-based rock band Mrs. Henry treat listeners to a new single and familiar faces in their accompanying music video for "Everybody Wants Peace and Love."

Known for embedding themselves in the public culture of their hometown, Mrs. Henry has been tearing up the scene with their explosive live performances, making them a staple part of San Diego's musical underground. Impressively, their newest single sets the stage for Mrs. Henry's upcoming rock opera, "Keep On Rising," bringing more of their signature funk grooves and good vibes.

Those good vibes are abundant in the band's latest single, "Everybody Wants Peace and Love," featuring a music video directed by USC graduate Edwin FrankO. The song is an excellent introduction to the band's larger-than-life sound and style, but the music video takes a deeper look at the culture they're proud to be a part of.

Diving deeper into "Everybody Wants Peace and Love," Mrs. Henry takes listeners on an energetic musical journey gearing up for the release of their 21st-century rock opera "Keep On Rising." With a groovy bassline, killer drums, and epic vocals, this track is sure to pump up anyone who listens. But the real treat is in the song's music video.

Mrs. Henry takes viewers on a vibrant tour of San Diego, with fun appearances from notable figures like skateboarder Josh Rowe and deejay Hilary Doneux, not to mention a diverse cast of street dancers and graffiti artists to make the video complete. It feels like one big celebration of San Diego's dynamic spirit and creative community, and Mrs. Henry brings that to life perfectly.

Feast your eyes and ears on their newest single and music video for "Everybody Wants Peace and Love" from Mrs. Henry's upcoming rock opera, "Keep On Rising," on July 5.

Welcome to Buzz, Mrs. Henry! We love the anthemic and energetic vibes of your recent single, "Everybody Wants Peace and Love." Did anything in particular inspire you to create this uplifting tune?

This song was the final song written and recorded and the missing puzzle piece completing our 21st-century rock opera Keep On Rising. It was recorded on the last day in the studio after a year of writing and recording daily, door to door, from June 1st, 2020, to June 1st, 2021, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

How does "Everybody Wants Peace and Love" tie into the core theme of your upcoming rock opera "Keep On Rising?" How does this single prepare listeners for what's to come?

“Everybody Wants Peace and Love” ties into our rock opera after a significant turning point in the storyline. It is the turn of the tide in which the hero of our story is now singing to the audience, the whole of humanity if you will, and addressing the greater good aspirations that drive our hero’s truth, change, and manifestation in the world—peace and love by way of rock' n roll.

The single will prepare listeners for what's to come thematically and sonically, and we hope it dips a toe into MRS. HENRY's dynamic range, from psychedelic virtuosity to fine craft songwriting and our own classic rock/pop sensibilities.

What was the significance behind gathering notable figures to feature in the music video for "Everybody Wants Peace and Love?" What did their presence bring to the table?

Given the message and the nature of the song, we wanted to encapsulate “Everybody” with our friends and family who wanted to be involved. Doing their thing, showcasing their craft and passion that brings them and others peace and love, and yes some of them happen to be notable figures in the San Diego music scene! From stunt doubles to radio DJs to All-Star athletes to gun safety instructors. It’s about Everybody and all-inclusive.

Can you drop any hints or clues for readers regarding your upcoming rock opera "Keep On Rising?" What are you most excited about?

We are excited to release this rock opera in its glorious entirety to the world. 38 songs spanning the gamut of rock n roll. If we had to pick one audience or genre, this is for fans of rock, but we’ve found even those who say they aren’t “fans of rock” still love this music, and “Everybody Wants Peace and Love” is an excellent gateway into our universe. Of course, if you dig classic rock, alt-rock or prog rock, this album is heavily influenced by the great concept albums of our time from The Who’s Tommy to Pink Floyd’s The Wall, the epic Genesis and Peter Gabriel Swan Song The Lamb Lays Down on Broadway and the 90’s Smashing Pumpkins masterpiece Melancholy and Infinite Sadness.

What did you want to get across to listeners and viewers with "Everybody Wants Peace and Love?" What was your goal in that respect?

Our goal was to create a single, song and music video that could relate to all. This is about inclusion. Positivity moving forward and humanity which IS Everybody. Highlight diversity and celebrate the awakening of peace and love around the world. I'll share an anecdote from our recent travels on tour - While we've been on the road this year in British Columbia, Canada, we stayed on a beautiful inlet known as Roberts Creek with our gracious host Jemma - a self-proclaimed "hippie" from the glory days of the late 60s/70s born in Ireland in the 1950s. As she told us about her travels and the hippie movement of that time, she expressed the awakening of "Peace and Love", and we reminded each other of our relevance to that movement today. This music video is that. It was created to spread that word and that movement that is alive. This song is it. It hasn't gone away since it was awakened in the 60's. Our vehicle, our transport, and our megaphone is Rock N Roll. That is how we share the message.


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