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Ms Vame Drops Dope Hip-Hop Track “A Little Henny”

Ms Vame, also known as Vanessa Jackson, is a talented and well educated music producer, beat maker, and songwriter from Sacramento, California. At the young age of 27, she owns and operates her own production company called Ms Vame Productions (MVP) in the Sacramento area. Ms Vame is a determined and hard working young women who was mentored by the Grammy award winning songwriter, composer and producer, Joe Archie! Unbeknownst to Ms Vame, when she was 17 her mother sent Archie some audio clips that Vanessa had created on her grandmother's Casino keyboard. He could hear her natural talent and took her under his wing teaching her many things and even giving her a Macbook so she could continue beat making at home. She then attended American River College where she studied recording engineering. Ms Vame is well known for her dope hip-hop sounds, smooth R&B tracks and production quality.

“A Little Henny” is a phenomenal track produced by Ms Vame. The precise hip-hop back beat with the entrancing and flawless delivery of soft keys fuse together with artistic perfection and highlight the quintessential opposites of hard bass and light and bouncing keys. Ms Vame’s strong background and education in recording and production are evident throughout this hot beat. Heavy bass and carefully timed synths make this track so hypnotic. “A Little Henny” is such a crisp vibe, I can picture it shaking my car speakers all summer long.. Or going out the club and sipping a little henny! A strong, successful, thriving and talented business women, Ms Vame’s long term career goal is to become the most successful and sought-out music producer and to inspire young women to learn how to produce music and follow their dreams like she did. She’s always looking for new artist to work with and we can’t wait to hear more tracks from Ms Vame!

Listen to “A Little Henny” here and get to know more about Ms. Vame below

Hey Vanessa! Can you tell us more about your introduction to producing and how you were inspired to start your own business?

Hey! I started making music 9 years ago just for fun, because there was nothing else to do while I was waiting for my mom to pick me up from my grandma's house after school during the rainy days, but I've always been a lover and student of music. I would send little audio clips of what I was making on this casio keyboard to my mom and I found out she was showing them to Joe Archie, the church music director. I was pissed Haha! SOO embarrassed but it ended up being a good thing because he said he could hear that I have an ear for drums. That summer at the church, he set up a Mac laptop and a midi keyboard, opened Garageband, showed me how to create different tracks and how to choose different sounds. Joe showed me how to count to 8 bars, told me to make an 8 bar beat and then he left the room. I was in love with making beats that day. I knew then that creating music was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, that's where MVP, Ms Vame Productions, came in. 

How long have you owned and operated Ms Vame Production?

I started Ms Vame Productions when I came home from being in Atlanta for a music internship (that whole 9 months was HORRIBLE! That's another story for next time lol! When your brake pads fall out from under your car... it's time to fly back home! Haha!). MVP was created in 2016. Very new!

Why did you choose the title “A Little Henny”?

After making that track,  It made me feel like I needed a small glass of Hennessy to 

What’s your favorite track that you’ve created?

I have two: "90's Kind Of World " and "I Love You Too (Hope)" I'm a 90's girl, '92 woot woot, and I love everything about the 90's hip-hop and r&b sound so I wanted to recreate that vibe in "90's Kind Of World". I studied every popular New Jack Swing song for about a week and really paid attention to every sound, how the snare hit, the different rhythms...everything. "I Love You Too (Hope), starts off with a voicemail from my grandma Hope saying "Hey It's grandma. Just callin'. Alright, love you. Bye." And all throughout the song, she's saying "Love You". I made that beat after I found out more information about the cancer she is currently battling. I was very sad but I was able to put that emotion in a beat. The whole time I was creating that track, I had tears rolling down my face, all on the keyboard lol.

Do you ever put your lyric on your tracks?

No, I never have but that is something I want to start doing. I do freestyle to my tracks though( Haha!)

What's next for you through 2019?

I'm expecting God to do big things for MVP in 2019! Open a production studio, have more clients, produce a couple of radio hits for this summer.... This year is already off to a great start, I'm gonna keep this momentum going! Thank you Buzz Music!


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