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Mt. Meru Delivers Exhilarating Hit “The Paradox”

Having spent the last few years performing in and around the Bay Area, building a solid foundation and reputation for themselves as a band, the three-piece outfit Mt. Meru, formerly known as YesterYear, posses a wide array of influences grounded in folk, indie, and pop and are sure to keep you captivated whilst staying true to the simplistic nature of a once two-man acoustic act. For fans of Iron & Wine, Sufjan Stevens, Elliott Smith, Conor Oberst, Nick Drake, M Ward, etc. We have a cultivating act with captive music to ease your mood. Mt. Meru released their single titled “The Paradox” with gorgeous guitar melodies and striking vocals, they completely enrapture you into a realm of relaxation, peace, and confidence in yourself and your current mood.  Each member played an important role in bringing together the production of this hit and it was quite noticeable in the music. "The Paradox" is everything indie. The style of indie music to me is enticing with mystic vibes. I recall the first time I’ve heard an indie song and became instantly fascinated with the genre. If I heard "The Paradox" prior before my discovery of this unique genre I’d have that same amazement I had in 2014. It hits you like a wrecking ball with detailed melodies and precise instrumental playing. Everything about this band and the music they create is raw and uncut to me. Due to bands having the ability to put their skills to use (guitars, drums, bass, etc.) I have more of a profound respect for them as artists because everything is more natural and authentic rather than computerized and everything about Mt. Meru and "The Paradox" is authentic in nature. The song just felt genuine, and honest, something refreshing to not only your mood but your playlist. "The Paradox" delves right in all your playlists that contains nothing but quality and comforting music to help get you through the day.

Don't miss out by giving a listen to "The Paradox" and checking out this bands exclusive interview below!

Hey Mt. Meru, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi there! We are Mt. Meru, we are made up of:

Scott: Guitar/Vocals Andrew: Guitar/ Vocals Robby: Bass We all grew up in the Easy Bay Area of Northern California and have been playing around the Bay Area for some time now, with some out of state shows here and there. We initially started as a two man acoustic act, frequenting smaller venues and open mics before branching out and adding a band in 2016! We recently released our self-produced, self-titled debut album, which is available through Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp!

What made you decide to change your stage name?

We had been performing as YesterYear for a while as an acoustic duo, but then added a couple band members which really changed our sound, so we thought we should spice it up with a new name! We also just generally weren't super stoked on the name YesterYear anymore so we wanted to change it up. Mt. Meru refers to a concept in Eastern religion that there is a center of the universe where the physical and metaphysical worlds meet, which is supposedly at Mt. Meru. And no we aren't implying that our music is at the center of the universe...but we thought it was a cool idea!

Where is your favorite venue  to perform live?

That's a tough one! I would have to go with Neck of the Woods, a venue we have frequented here in San Francisco. We had started by playing the open mic there a few times when we were just starting out and loved it! We recently held our album release show there and can't say enough about the great sound and the aesthetics of the venue! The whole booking process is also very smooth, which is always a massive plus.

Amazing new single! Can you tell us a bit about the creation of “The Paradox” ?

The song evolved pretty slowly and took some years to be fully written and recorded. I remember the melody of the chorus came to me (Scott) randomly while I was walking around one day, and didn't have an instrument with me. It stuck with me though and I wanted to make it into a song somehow. So I had that as the base, and then sat down at the piano one day and wrote the music to the verse and pre-chorus around it. After the lyrics were done I started recording it and eventually it was finished! We recorded this song and all of the songs on the album at home, and we recorded all the instruments ourselves (Andrew and Scott).

What’s the message you're trying to deliver to your fans in the song?

I guess I was trying to say that life is confusing and painful but we have a choice about what we do about that, and how we respond to what we're given, both internally and externally. It can also be frustrating that there's all these rules and concepts that were invented before our birth and we're just kind of thrown into this thing and have to navigate our way through it, but we can find our own way and be creative with our lives. And we don't have to rely on other people's ideas or expectations. It's also saying we should enjoy the time we do have here and find love and connection while we can....which may sound cliche but it's true!

What's next for Mt. Meru through 2019?

More shows! We are hoping to get out of the state again and get our name out there as much as possible! We have a few acoustic shows we'll be confirming in the coming weeks, but for the time being we are currently on the search for a drummer before we hit the ground running again, so if anyone out there is interested feel free to hit us up!


Catch up with Mt. Meru on their website and social media:


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