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MTG Released “Ball”

MTG is a HOT up and coming artist from a small town called Wadesboro out of North Carolina. He currently has 3 songs out right now which includes the titles, “False love”, “Ball”, and “Check”. With his early releases, MTG was able to garner the local buzz while showcasing his potential to make music that reaches the caliber of groundbreaking artists like Drake, Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar, and more.

MTG released his single titled “Ball” and let’s just say that the energy in this record was on POINT. While listening to this track, MTG propelled the right amount of vigor to keep the listener attentive, and fully captivated with the music. MTG doesn’t shy away from being a hype artist. With a nice detailed melody from the hook, MTG knows how to get you fully hooked on the movement of the record, while feeling amped up and in the mood to turn up! MTG most definitely has what it takes to become a mainstream artist. The auto-tune present in “Ball” is what creates an image to MTG. Just like the title of the song, “Ball” is perfect to be played at any sort of party or kickback. Who doesn’t love a good time with good music and good vibes? MTG has us covered! With his nice catchy melodies and profound voice for music, this kid is going to be a problem in the music industry.

Listen to "Ball" here and get to know more about MTG below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic MTG! Tell us about your early releases! Did you come in the music game with a clear sense of your artistry? Or was it something you had to discover through your first releases!

I consider myself a ''Perfectionist'' lol. My early releases were some of my best work at the time , i worked on many songs before , but it took me awhile to get a sound. LOL i originally came in writing lyrics but reading them in other rappers voices. For example , i'd write an entire song that i thought was dope , but it didn't come out right because at the time i wrote it, i imagined Key Glock saying the lyrics. But looking back , im still not impressed with those releases i have , im working constantly and improving on trying to distinct my own sound since thats what alot of people say they like about my music.

Have you noticed any major improvement in any sort from when you began till now?

FOR SURE! There are so many of my old songs that i have , they're so bad man , i hate to even know i made those. But honestly in my opinion , i dont think im good now. Maybe thats just because im a perfectionist , but i dont think i'll be satisfied untill i reach my full potential... Im pushing to be even bigger than Drake one day lol , that's one of my biggest dreams.

“Ball” was a super dope hit! What was the vision for it!?

Ball came out totttaaallly different than i even thought or wrote lol.  when i first wrote the song i was in class , just vibing and writing.The original beat i was going to use was a Travis Scott type beat , but once i got to the studio , im like : "this beat isn't it bruh wtf''. So im in the studio with just me and my boy DSL Mel , and he's like "just find another beat''. So i start searching , time goes by and im STILL searching. After about 25 minutes something just told me to type in YBN Nahmir type beat. Which is what i did lol. i say towards the 3rd ybn beat , i seen this one with Lil Mosey on the front leaning over a balcony with a gucci jacket. So i clicked it best beat i've ever had by far. it was a sampled Lil Mosey x YBN Nahmir type beat prod by Dswish. It was so good that when it came on , DSL wanted the beat and got a little salty that i found it first lmaoo. Once i loaded the beat up and began to read the lyrics , i had to change a couple words because i knew that the song had to be like a "happy vibey song'', because thats the type of vibe the beat gives . So then i started recording and i just instantly rapped the entire song in one tape! It was my first time ever having one take , it jusy flowed so effortlessly.

In your opinion, what’s the perfect way to listen to “Ball” ?

the perfect way in my opinion? Driving down the road on a nice sunny day with the windows down , in a good ass mood , laid back with your shades on. I think you'll really like it that way lol. well atleast i do.

What’s next for you MTG?

next ? well im going to be graduating from High School next saturday and my goals for this summer is to Blow honestly lol. Or atleast be in a position where i can make music and get paid to perform , or be on my way to blowing up. Honestly anything to avoid college .... i hate school. But i have planned alot of things. Music Video for Ball and Check will be on the way this summer !!! Im also throwing a big summer bash where i'll perform , get back with me on it and i'll let you know if it was a movie or not lol. Then i plan on doing a part 2 and this really big time college party host from NC A&T wants me to do a party with them and perform. Im just doing as much as i can to network and expand this summer..... A mixtape may even come , who knows?


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