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Multi-Talented Artist Drillani Announces First Headline Show, Angellica Takeover, In The Greater DMV

Drillani is a talented Colombian hip-hop musician who is continuing to spread his talents throughout the music industry as an artist, performer, and owner of Kizzapp Record Label. Due to his astounding musical creations and dedication to music, the young rapper has quickly made a name for himself in the underground music industry and will stop at nothing to advance his career.

The key component separating Drillani from several other young artists in his field is his uncanny grit and determination to take advantage of every opportunity that crosses his path. In an interview with YouTuber, Nizzy, Drillani expressed his early dreams of becoming a recording artist and stated that “nobody took me serious when I started music, so I gave them a reason to take me seriously.”

Apart from his relentless determination for success, Drillani also exhibits exceptional talent with his music and concert performances that have captivated the hearts of his young fans who he refers to as, “his twins.” Before his rise to fame as an artist, Drillani began as a bedroom producer in early 2021 and was infatuated with music production and vocal engineering. However, after witnessing several producers rise to fame as artists such as Pi’erre Bourne and Kanye West, Drillani proceeded to release his first song in August 2021, “Misterio” and the rest is history.

The musical potential for rapper Drillani is off the charts due to his versatility with tracks of different genres, styles, and sounds and consistency with releasing music. Since the release of his first album, “Epitome of Imperfection!, Vol. 1,” the young artist has dropped an onslaught of different singles ranging from bouncy, electric vibes to heartfelt, r&b tracks. Further progression for Drillani has only ascended since the release of his first album, leading the rapper to release two EP’s, Prince of Persia and Angellica, and announce his long-awaited tour called Angellica Takeover.

His latest release, “Firearm,” is a new single showcasing Drillani’s new sound which is inspired by the likes of Playboi Carti and Lil Uzi Vert. In his interview, Drillani noted that upon hearing these two artists for the first time in 2016, they would heavily influence his love for music and serve as a gateway for him into the underground music scene. In addition, childhood influences from Super Mario and Sonic are evident within his tracks through the use of sound effects originating from these early video games.

Amid his current rise to stardom, Drillani has partnered with his label Kizzapp Records to announce his first headline concert called Angellica Takeover at the University of Maryland. After opening for underground artists including Autumn!, Kashdami, and Xanman, the opportunity for Drillani to headline his own show is a dream come true for the young rapper. Angellica Takeover is the first of many more concerts to come for the Colombian rapper in the greater DMV area.

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