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Multi-Talented Musician/Producer Jailan Releases “Losing Grip”

Jailan is a talented and self taught musician/producer from Florence, South Carolina. His passion for music started at the young age of 12, he began playing trombone and this assisted in developing his skilled ear for music. He taught himself bass guitar at a young age. Jailan is currently a sophomore at the College of Charleston, majoring in arts management with a concentration in the music industry and a minor in music. While he’s extremely focused on school he still finds time to learn to play piano and make music.

Recently, Jailan co-produced, wrote, played bass, piano and did vocals for the chorus/hook on his newest song "Losing Grip". He teamed up with artists Chuck2x who has the second verse on the track and Neno Kasanova who has the last verse on the track.  He also partnered with Ashton Lowery who took the job of playing electric guitar on the song. The eclectic collaboration makes for a spectacular R&B sound. Jailans flow in the first verse starts the track off to an explosive start. His raw emotion and power are the key behind his meaningful message of “Losing Grip” in a relationship. The isolated vocals in the chorus are so hypnotizing and really make the listener hone in on the message of the song. Chuck2x and Neno Kasanova absolutely kill it on their verses, keeping true to the ups and downs of this unique track. You can hear each instrument individually and this highlights Jailans talents as a musician and as a producer. Jailan is a multi-talented and extremely ambitious artist who has all the skills to rise to the top.

Listen to "Losing Grip" here and get to know more about Jalian below!

Hi Jailan! What was the point in your life when you really decided to start pursuing music?

I made the decision to pursue music as a career at the age of 16 as a sophomore in high school. At that time, I was playing trombone for South Florence High School’s marching band and concert band. Through those years of high school, I would use my free time for practicing my trombone, teaching myself bass guitar and music theory. However, it wasn’t until my freshman year of college that I decided to learn music production and get my footing in the music industry. I met artists like Tamaskin, Slim Finesse and Neno Kasanova who helped me with understanding the music industry and how it works.

As an up and coming artist, what are some challenges you’ve faced? How have you overcome them?

Some challenges that I have faced being an up and coming artist mainly deal with time. Being an artist in college is pretty difficult since I have many things on my plate to manage. Things such as keeping up with my grades, being a member of different organizations on campus and also having time to create music. What made me overcome this challenge was using a planner and also holding myself and others accountable when it came to business.

What is the meaning and inspiration behind the track “Losing Grip” ?

The song Losing Grip is about a relationship that is falling apart due to certain circumstances such

as the lost of trust, insecurities taking over the bond between two lovers which leads to one person losing grip on the other person’s heart. Inspiration came from early 2000s R&B music and also the vibe that live instrumentation creates which is why we used real bass and electric guitar on this track.

How do you balance school and your musical passion?

I balance school and my passion for music through my major ha ha. Which is Arts Management with a concentration in the Music Industry. So, while I am learning about the business of music and how to pursue a career in the music industry. I find time on the weekends to practice my craft and better my skills with music.

Can we expect a full EP from you soon?

I’ve defintely thought about it but stay tuned


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