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Multifaceted And Rising Icon Alya Releases Mystic And Magnetic Album

Performer, artist, and multi-linguistic, Alya's music has been defined by critics as electronic, indie rock, pop, and more as it has begun to pick up the steam due to her addicting and captivating presence. but the truth lies somewhere undefinable between it al., She is an adept innovator of sound, songwriting and performing music that feel like a cinematic blend of styles and influences. This, in itself, serves her eclectic background.

Born in Russia, Alya Michelson is now based in Los Angeles, where she has defined her largely experimental sound from her wide-ranging travelogue, being a classically-trained singer and ballet dancer. Alya released the most enticing and enthralling album called “Ten Years Solitude” beginning with her cinematic, dark, yet sensual record “Animals”. “Animals” instantly captured me by the eerie vocals and the mystic energy that you feel while listening. I knew at this instant, Alya will leave moments of shock and unexpected transitions. “Animals” served as a great opening for the project because it catches your attention and now you’re ready for what’s next. And what’s next is the cultural and completely sensational single “Seven”. "Seven" begins with a melody that keeps you afloat and carries you throughout this intricate record. It’s so dream-like you seem to fall in love with how Alya has already abducted you into her music. The hook completely adding that ethereal and hazy effect by her idiosyncratic falsetto vocals.

The next song, “Half of the Sun” was more of a fiery yet still atmospheric hit. It felt like you were in war due to the super dope sound effects. It was actually one of the most unique songs I’ve ever heard due to the theatrical instrumental. It added a huge dramatic effect to the song that I ended up completely absorbing and loving. Next, “Heart Shaped Hole” is a complete shift in the tempo and energy. Way more subtle and way more unshielded. It felt more vulnerable than the other singles yet she still kept her metaphorically and poetic lyrical inversion intact. The next single “Puppet Strings” added a more haunting rock aesthetic to the album which in my opinion broadens and widens her diversity on the project. I believe this song could potentially hold more of a deeper aspect behind the lyrics that could really enhance the whole idea of Alya being a detailed songwriter. “Twenty Six” has a fast-paced, electric, and computerized type of rock introduction before Alya’s tangible voice continues to reel you in. after listening to this speedy single, Alya slows everything down with her recordAngel”. “Angel” focused more on her aerial vocal aesthetic and the sensation from the hook and riveting piano melody. If you ever seen a movie you know they reach multiple different scenes and moments ranging from happy to sad, and the music matches the specific scene. That’s exactly what Alya does for us. She creates multiple different scenes throughout the album and “Hachiko” would be the more subtle and melancholic yet delighted prominence in the album.

After Alya brings charming melodies and yields us with different ambience, she gives us “Romano”. “Romano” has a unique introduction, but by this point, almost every song on this album has had a singular characterized introduction that’s specific to the song. Alya still delivers with the multiple transitions in Romano that weaves the lines between sad and aggressive. I like how you can hear the fire and passion in the delivery of “Romano”. One of my personal favorites forsure! The closing song on the album, “Colorful Dreams” was such a nice touch to the entire collective. (besides the opening record, Animals.. This is my favorite off the entire album!) It begins with smooth and sensual sailing vocals on a jazzlike piano chord before it raptures and she gives you the specialized sound effects to create a multifaceted record. Alya style is something I’ve never seen before and it’s why I had the most pleasure listening to each and every song off her album. She can surely say, “you can’t compare me to anybody else” because you genuinely cannot make such a comparison when her artistry is so personalized to her. With incorporation of pop, trap, rock, and jazz. Alya fuses it all together with her kick ass cinematic aura, creating the most intriguing album up to date!

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Check below for Alya's vision of "Ten Years Solitude", her journey from Russia to Los Angeles, and her take on the style she has created for herself as an artist!


Hey Alya, how was the sudden change in scenery when you moved from Russia to Los Angeles. Any location you specifically prefer?

Moscow and Los Angeles are so dramatically different that it is almost impossible to compare. That is why, probably, my transition  from journalism to artist was pretty organic. I took " the road less travelled by”. Today I call Los Angeles  home, my family is here and there is no better place for me. 

You incorporate a lot of cinematic sound fx in your music, are you a big fan of the theatrical?

I even had a funny name for my style "cinema music”.  I do believe in dimentional art and personally prefer it. When you try to  engage as many senses you can, music just taste better. When I work on the song I am simutaniously  thinking about the image, picture that will shine onto another  meaning, how it may smell, what color the sound is. I am thinking about the performance and the visual story. All these elements are blended together for me. 

How would you personally describe your music style?

Artistic fusion or musical expressionism. Future mainstream.

Your album “Ten Years Solitude” was amazing. Are the songs purposely in this chronological order? Or were they at random?

Ten Years of Solitude is a concept album. It is  my personal story about  becoming  an artist.  It has ten chapters that equals ten years of my life when I was creating/dreaming/working on my musical dream. Each song represent a year -  symbolically, sonically.  Songs are in chronological order, but since they are so complete, you may listen them randomly  - each and every one of them is a tale. I am currently on the planet Heart Shaped Hole. This is my state of mind  - pure bliss and happiness. BTW , official video for the song got almost 3M views on YouTube. 

What can our readers expect from listening to “Ten Years Solitude”?

My debut album has a very important message  - believe in yourself, work hard, love yourself and never give up. I hope  it will inspire your readers and listeners to believe in their personal luck and uniqueness. 


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