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Multifaceted LA Artist Stuns Us With New Single "Visions"

Lia Mangouras is an LA based musician who has been sharpening her craft in one of the most significant places in the world for the recorded music industry. Eternally driven by the essence of music, Mangouras is not only a talented singer/songwriter, she is also proficient in an array of instruments. "Visions" opens with a somber and delicate piano riff as we are acquainted to Lia Mangouras ghostly, harmonic voice. "Visions" progresses into an upbeat pop melody that showcases Mangouras powerful vocal range. "Visions" is arranged with cascading instrumentals and Mangouras voice holds a sweet, soulful and formidable hold over the listener. "Visions" and Mangouras voice is reminiscent of Kelly Clarkson’s- Breakaway, and Avril Lavingne’s -self-titled EP.

Open your arms to Lia Mangouras and stream "Visions" today on Spotify!

Scroll below for Lia's exclusive interview!

Hi Lia! Nice to chat with you. Can you tell us a bit about your background and what made you get into music?

From as early as I can remember, I always had this fascination with performers, musicians specifically. I loved watching them perform on stage, bringing the crowd to their feet, and hitting those high notes that made the hair on your arms stand up. It was insane to me how these people could get that certain emotion out of you. I was hooked. Though I was born in Seattle, WA I was primarily raised in a small town in Minnesota. Life was simple but so were my opportunities and resources. I didn’t really have the environment to push and motivate me to pursue any sort of musical hobby, so it became just an internal passion for a while. It wasn’t until I was about thirteen when I started writing a lot of songs and I discovered the power of music in a whole new way. That was when something in me switched and I knew I’d be doing this for the rest of my life.

What do you think living in LA brings to your songwriting and music?

When I moved to LA at 19 I was more terrified than I’d ever been in my life. I didn’t know anyone in the city, I didn’t have a job, I wasn’t sure how I was going to support myself, but mostly I was worried about how I was going to get my foot in the door in the music industry. After a little while of just putting myself out there, talking to anyone I could and not having anything stick, I luckily started meeting like-minded people who not only were talented and motivated, but they wanted to work with me! I found people to co-write with, producers, engineers, etc…;  most of which have become close friends that I return to for new projects. Moving to LA has not only given me opportunities to collaborate on songs and projects, but it’s also shown me a new part of the world. This new perspective on life and people has really let me grow as a songwriter. It has inspired me for a whole new era of writing for myself.

What is the meaning behind your single Visions and what made you write it?

I was not expecting to write a song like Visions. It almost felt like someone else wrote the song for me because I can honestly say what came out of this song was a feeling I had not felt in a long time. This single’s message is about the untapped power within ourselves and how that potential that either be capped or freed to resonate throughout the universe. It’s about old souls and young minds who want to make an impact in today’s world. I remember early along in the song's writing process being in the studio with my writing partner and producer, Brian Valdes. He was getting the project all set up and started organizing the song from the previous session to get some new ideas recorded. I was sitting on the couch at the end of the room just writing random words down into my notebook. I think I got through a couple of pages of nonsense before my hand wrote the line “unknown to the world”. That one line sparked a thought. The thought of how hard so many talented people work who move to LA or New York or anywhere and how so many of them you’ll never know who they are. You’ll never see the hard work, the tears, the triumphs, the hardships. This song is to show we are here and to give validation that someone, somewhere, heard you.

As a songwriter what atmosphere do you create for yourself to elevate your creativity?

The biggest piece of advice I try to consciously give myself is to be honest with myself as a writer. If you’re honest with yourself and you’re honest with your music, it’s impossible that your creativity can’t flow freely to its fullest potential. It’s all about the healthy atmosphere you create for yourself so before the world has anything to say about your art, you are already at peace with it. Songwriting is all about showing others what’s in your soul and your heart. That’s what makes real connections and real emotions come out of a song.

What are you most excited about in the year ahead for you?

I would have to say I’m most excited for the singles and projects I have stocked up that I can’t wait to release! It wasn’t until this release, Visions, where I believed I have found my sound as a writer, a singer, and an artist. So I’m very much looking forward to getting to show the world who the real Lia is.


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