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Music Is “The Cure”: Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold’s New Release

Canadian rockers Rose Cora Perry and The Truth Untold have done it again: They released a timely and relevant socially charged rock anthem with a quasi-movie music video to boot.

Following the success of their 2022 hit, “Not My Time,” which achieved airplay on 50 stations across North America and over 100,000 views on YouTube – an unheard-of feat for a self-represented band – Perry admits they were intimated about what song to choose as a follow-up.

“’ Not My Time’ was extraordinarily successful, and we are truly thankful that it resonated with so many people. I think it’s reaffirming as a songwriter that your music is reaching people on a very emotional and visceral level. We’re hoping our fans feel ‘The Cure’ is a worthy follow-up and that they enjoy part two of my music video character, Kathryn Gunn’s evasion from authorities.”

The Truth Untold has gained a reputation for writing hard-hitting rock tunes with catchy melodies and releasing cinematically elaborate music videos with notable plot twists and turns.

Perry sees music videos as an extension of her artistic expression, lending insight into the inspiration behind her lyrics and giving listeners a deeper connection to the band’s music: “I enjoy giving our fans an experience both ‘on stage’ and when we release new material. As an avid movie watcher myself, I come up with these ridiculously elaborate plots. I am always amazed that we pull them off with literally one camera guy and a shoestring budget.”

The video for the band’s new sure-to-be hit, “The Cure,” carries on Perry’s and Tyler Randall’s (drummer) characters established in the “Not My Time” universe, plus includes cameos by the band’s touring bassist Jessie Taynton and fellow musician Kirk Reed. If there’s one takeaway from the video’s plot, it’s that “appearances can be deceiving.”

Be sure to check out the band live as they continue on their US summer tour.


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