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Music Video Debut: Mista O Shares "Da Rant" With Viewers

Baltimore-native Mista O was meaningfully affected by Hip/Hop music ever since he can remember. Resonating with the many messages conveyed from prominent Hip/Hop artists, as well as finding a real appreciation for the harmonies, Mista O knew that his efforts belonged in music. After becoming an emcee, Mista O's passion grew immensely strong for music and sound, which encouraged him to debut his lowkey single, "Da Rant."

Mista O gave a delivery full of purpose and heart with his "Da Rant" track. This underground rap track was also released with a music video and the visuals themselves are quite simplistic and front-forward, which lets the real focus be on what Mista O has to say. And trust us, he has a ton to relay to his listeners. Mista O is joined by a woman who lurks in the background--together, the two give ominous energy that brings an interesting element to "Da Rant."

"Da Rant" had a super consistent flow and this made the narrative extremely easy to follow. Mista O raps about his life experiences, some more specific than others, and relays his opinions with incredible tenacity. Take what you can from "Da Rant," because Mista O definitely ensured that listeners were able to pick apart his track and learn something from his experience and overall words. After watching "Da Rant," we're excited to see how Mista O will advance and elevate his sound with future music. For now, "Da Rant" will suffice!

"Da Rant" and its music video are now available on digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Mista O. Thanks for joining us to talk about your latest music video for your single, "Da Rant." Can you share what kind of impact you were hoping to make with this particular video release?

Imagery, lyrics, and the streets of Baltimore.

How would you say that the music video for "Da Rant" represents you as an artist? How were you hoping your audience would understand you after watching?

I want them to know I go hard. I go the distance. That's what I'm ranting about.

Did you receive any help for constructing the video and set? How were your ideas translated through the video?

All of that was my idea, the character, location, direction. I thought about the video body bag by young ma.

What sort of vibe were you hoping to create with "Da Rant" sonically and visually in terms of its video?

I'm getting people ready for what's to come. The Cassette Tape Vol3: Peace Out.

What would you say was the overall inspiration behind "Da Rant" and its music video?

Young ma body bag or the song eat. One or the other.

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