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Music Video Premiere: Michelle Green Spreads Her "Wings" With an Emotional Release

The NYC-based acoustic soul-pop artist, singer-songwriter, and actor Michelle Green share her heart with us through a self-shot music video for her single, "Wings."

Through her gigs as a voice actor for various Disney characters, she is well-known around Israeli TV channels, landing a spot as a semi-finalist on Israeli Idol and touring with the renowned acapella/beatbox Off-Broadway show 'The Vocapeople' has led Michelle Green to vast success.

Releasing her latest single and music video titled "Wings," Green mentioned that the song surrounds themes of sacrificing a part of yourself to be in a relationship, only to question whether her love is requited. Through her self-shot music video, Michelle Green offers a passionate performance with a minimalistic approach, all to keep her emotional lyricism at the forefront.

Taking a look at the music video for "Wings," Michelle Green opens the video with a solo shot in black and white, singing of needing her wings to fly over the colorless streets. As Michelle Green continues singing her heartfelt message, we can notice various effects that take on this 'poor connection' concept, perfectly complementing her tender lyricism.

Michelle Green has us in awe of her natural delicacy and her captivating eyes as she stares into our souls and keeps us wanting more. Also, giving us a low-quality shot of her sitting and contemplating while fairy lights twinkle in the background, we absolutely adore the heightened sense of emotion, as Michelle Green allows anyone to find a safe space in her delicate words.

Find Michelle Green's heartfelt music video for "Wings" on YouTube, and lose yourself in her tender vocals and magnetic performance.

We can't get enough of your angelic vocals within your single, "Wings." What inspired you to write this touching song?

“Wings” is about that moment in a relationship when your start to question “where is this going? Are they into me as much as I am into them?” And all of the uncertainty that revolves around it. You realize you’re invested in this person and have made sacrifices for them and lost a part of yourself in the process. I think a lot of people can relate to that feeling. It’s a very intimate moment between you and yourself, which is why the signing is almost like a simple monologue.

Diving into your music video for "Wings," what inspired the video's introspective and reflective scenes?

I created a simple video for two reasons: social distancing due to covid and also because I wanted to create something very minimalistic and honest, with no big gestures. The closeup shots are meant for the lyrics, the monologue. Looking straight at the person you want to say this too. The darker shots are a reflection of the turmoil I feel inside. The song is simple, and it may look like I got it together, but actually, I’m a mess.

Speaking on your music video for "Wings," why did you want to add several static effects? Do they have any particular significance?

Yes. They do actually. It’s another way to communicate the uncomfortableness and distress I feel for the audience. The feeling of confusion and ‘not thinking clearly’. At this moment, my reality is distorted and unclear. I chose static effects to convey that message.

Did you edit your music video for "Wings"? Or did you have anyone help you out with this process?

I shot and edited the video myself. I wanted it to not only feel intimate and ‘home video’ like, but to actually be one.

What do you want listeners to know about you and the music that you create? I’ve been writing and recording music my whole life, and my only goal is to connect with as many people on the planet as possible through it. I believe in sharing stories because it connects us to one another. It elevates us knowing we’re not alone, and I want to provide that comfort to as many people as I can.

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