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Music Video Premiere: Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold Release New Video “Easy Prey”

Rose Cora Perry is a product of the 90s and she’s not going to let anyone forget that! A personal favorite of former MuchMusic VJ Bill Welychka and acclaimed as one of the top 10 indie talents in Canada, Perry’s dynamic stage presence and songwriting have made her the subject of many a media exposé. As the former frontwoman of a major label signed grunge quartet “Anti-Hero”, it wasn’t long before Perry rediscovered her footing as a fiery electric guitar-wielding band leader for her latest passion project, The Truth Untold, which was formed in 2016 to promote Perry’s solo endeavour. In the three years since they’ve formed, The Truth Untold have already played for audiences of over 200,000, sharing the stage with the likes of SmashMouth and Platinum Blonde, and performing at some of the music industry’s premier events including Vans Warped Tour, Summer NAMM and International Pop Overthrow.

Today, BuzzMusic is proud to premiere The Truth Untold’s latest single and music video from their upcoming EP, “Easy Prey”. Beginning with an aggressive beat and authoritative rhythm guitars, by contrast Perry’s vocals in the first verse begin calmly, even sweetly. The chorus that follows is intense, melodic, and incredibly catchy. One can easily see what Perry means when she describes her music as the marriage of chugging guitars and operatic vocals. The vocals of the chorus are complex and layered, with a myriad of harmonies and countermelodies weaving seamlessly in between the lead vocals.

The music video is solemn, featuring Perry and another man tied up and bound in chairs with white linens facing away from each other. Throughout the video, Perry can be seen singing with her guitar in hand, in the chair as a prisoner forced to take drugs, and taking selfies in a forest just before being kidnapped by a hooded figure. This creates a unique and interesting sense of time-lapse, with Perry being showcased in multiple situations that could be related to each other but do not happen chronologically. “Easy Prey” is a great nod to music from a different age, and the music video sparks interest in a sea of generic modern videos. We highly recommend you check out the latest offering from The Truth Untold, it won't disappoint.

Check out the song and video below and get to know The Truth Untold in our interview below!

Hey, thank you so much for chatting with us! Would you mind starting off by describing your background and how you first got involved with music, guitars and songwriting?

I began singing at the age of four and writing songs at age seven, though I didn’t pick up the guitar (to accompany myself) til I was a teenager. As a kid I had high hopes that maybe someday I’d end up on broadway like my idol Sarah Brightman, but life – as it were - had other plans and I found myself inadvertently being recruited into my first rock band at 15. I haven’t looked back since. I guess you could say I always had the “attitude” and love of being on stage to be a successful rock frontwoman. I just didn’t realize until I was in highschool how truly liberating and empowering this style of music is. When all else fails to convey one’s emotion, wailing on an electric guitar is a hell of a release.

As a 90s child, who would you say your biggest musical influences are, either from that time or any other?

Vocally and songwriting-wise, it’s a tie between Alanis (I am Canadian after all!) and the late great Chris Cornell. I am astounded, inspired and in awe of both of them. Truly. Instrumentally, hands down Veruca Salt. They have been my favourite band since I witnessed Nina and Louise jumping wildly on bungie cords in the “Volcano Girls” music video circa 1997. I remember when I saw that video for the first time, I immediately thought, “I want to be that badass.”

You just released a new single called “Easy Prey” which also has a video. What was your general idea and concept behind either the music or the video, and did the video idea come about as you were writing the song or after it was done?

Writing songs, for me, always comes first with music videos being an excellent supplementary way to delve a little deeper symbolically than lyrics may allow. “Easy Prey” was inspired by our current social and political climate: while access to information has never been greater, nor has the amount of misinformation and propaganda that is being circulated. The song “Easy Prey” urges listeners to question the credibility, objectivity and trustworthiness of everything which is being presented to us rather than just “digesting” the “lies” and “hatred” we’re being “spoonfed”.

The digital age and social media, in particular, promote (in my view) rather problematic values/behaviours: from narcissism to prejudice to anonymous cyber-bullying to being surrounded exclusively by “yes men”. We live in an era where the ability to communicate is unlike it’s ever been before, and yet we are communicating so very poorly (and superficially) with each other and the content we are sharing is questionable (at worst) or nothing more than “distractionism” (at best) from what really matters. In other words, think for yourself – don’t be “Easy Prey”.

Would you mind delving a little bit into your songwriting process? How does it all come together?

It always starts with a melody popping into my head, followed by an idea for lyrical content. I’ll start humming the tune - figuring out where it’s going to go - and then I’ll grab my guitar and chord out the arrangement. Typically, my songwriting spurts are tied heavily to emotional moments in my life. In other words, I write best when I’m either sad, angry or both. Lol. I’m a rock musician so I guess it comes with the territory. If only a fragment of a song is there, I’ll record it and revisit it at another time. But, I generally try to play through the inspiration to see if there’s potential there for something really powerful.

What can we hope to see from Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold beyond the release of “Other Side of the Story”?

Once again we’ll be embarking on tour to the US for “Part Deux” of the “Canadian Invasion” along with performing select dates throughout Southwestern Ontario this summer and fall.

Be sure to connect with us on social media so you can catch us LIVE (leave those phones at home!) and PRE-ORDER your copy of “Other Side of the Story” NOW here.


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