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My Dark Reality Unleashes Authentic Rock and Roll Energy with Release of "Soulless"

Emerging Rock band My Dark Reality has recently been founded within the past year, and they're hitting the ground at absolute full speed.

Consisting of leader, guitarist and songwriter Oz, bassist and songwriter Death, vocalist and songwriter Grrunge, The Rugged drummer and guitarist Aaron Blackman, My Dark Reality proves to source its inspiration from various group members.

The sound that My Dark Reality creates can be quite in-line with their name, but also diverging into more powerful and vibrant musical expressions. The band itself can be understood as dynamic, offering a vivid exploration of many favorite rock n' roll components. 

There's an authentic intensified energy that instantly captures the attention of listeners within My Dark Reality's latest release, "Soulless". The band doesn't compromise when it comes to any aspect of their fierce performance, and this is shown through the persistent high-energy execution within "Soulless".

The rock n' roll energy is incredibly raw, and we get a serious shake of reality with the level of depth arising within My Dark Reality's track. The band proves that their main focus is on quality, and their force of determination is all too present within "Soulless". If you're in need of that classic rock n' roll performance, "Soulless" is most definitely the track for you, and My Dark Reality is definitively the band that will meet your needs.

How do you feel "Soulless" compares to your first track release? Would you say that there were any prominent learning lessons from the band's perspective once writing and recording "Soulless"?

Death: I would say that compared to our first single, “Soulless,” is a lot darker and edgier even though our first track was a prayer for death. This song discusses the present. This was also the first song that we truly went out of our comfort zone and even had outside input with writing. Usually, it is just me and Oz writing but this time we had Grunge to help with the melody. The funny part is that “Soulless” originally was very melodramatic and then our band joked about being a polka mariachi band. Oz started playing the chording in a polka/punk rock manner and we were like yo that’s sick keep playing that! Hahahaha. The lesson from writing “Soulless” was to always keep an open mind no matter what. We always write with influence from any genre or in our case joke hahaha.

Only being recently founded, can you describe the band's progression within the past year, and what were the most pivotal moments of the band's emergence?

Death: The band has become progressively tight. Our progression from day one is like night and day. I cannot wait to perform again. It was fantastic to have a mosh pit and to join our fans in that kind of fun…I kind of got too hyped and jumped off the stage into the mosh pit at our last show hahaha. That was pivotal for us. Everything has been pivotal for us. It is such an honor to have a growing fan base who cares about what we do. Our fans are amazing and without them, we could not succeed. I feel blessed right now. We are now working with Bentley Records who have been nothing but amazing. They are a great record company and super nice.

What kind of ambiance was hoped to be set with the release of "Soulless"? Was there a certain mood you attempted to impart onto listeners and is this typically the case for the singles you've released?

Death: The ambiance that I hoped to be set was…kind of selfish maybe. I just wanted the ambiance to be the epitome of my very existence. I just wanted the song to be as empty and chaotic as I am. I wanted the song to just capture what I feel, so dark, dead inside, and chaotic…the struggle is between life and death. The desire to just feel alive again but every day feels like the last. So monotonous and just…bleak. I also hoped that for others who feel as empty and dead as I do that, they can find solace in that they are not alone but together we can all make it. For singles and any music that we release we want the music to tell the story of the song itself.

What part of your hometown of Dayton, OH do you feel helps propel the essence of My Dark Reality?

I feel like there is not a part of Dayton that captures or propels the essence of MDR. Dayton itself as a community has propelled the essence of MDR. Dayton has survived being at the height of the music scene and economic disparity. We once were major players in the music scene. The west coast rap scene got their sound from Dayton musicians. We dominated the funk scene and even has the second wave of emo rock, the Midwest emo scene. Dayton is strong and we do not give up. We have survived the rise and fall of our economy, we have survived natural disasters, and even shootings. We are a community that will never give up and we look out for our own. Dayton is love; Dayton is life. Dayton is back.



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