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Myocard’s Remix Of LEMONWOOD’s Hit Is Everything We Needed

LEMONWOOD truly captures the essence of psychedelic rock through each release, but what's just as exciting are the numerous remixes of the band's groovy and cathartic songs.

The foundation of LEMONWOOD stems from musicians Justus and Paul, who later formed their friendship over a shared love for Morrissey. Soon after, Justus met guitarist Alex playing a Swedish guitar in a club, where he was asked to join the band. To complete the quartet was drummer Salo. After planting their feet in psychedelic rock, Alex decided to spread his wings as a solo performer, leaving LEMONWOOD as a trio.

In 2020 the band released their 10-track album 'Home,' featuring the warmly melodic yet lyrically emotional single, "How Long Can You Float (Before You're Falling)." This song was said to be written spontaneously based on a loop with traditional Indian instruments recorded beforehand.

The song captures a bright and radiant sonic atmosphere, but the message at hand tugs on our heartstrings with lyrics about a challenging relationship that leaves both sides confused and unsettled. With a new remix, producer and DJ Myocard decided to put his own spin on "How Long Can You Float (Before You're Falling)".

Myocard perfectly picked up on the song's 'manic melancholy' approach with help from celestial synths and an exciting drum arrangement. He also thoroughly utilized the traditional Indian instruments to stick out as the focal point. We truly appreciate the modern electronic spin that Myocard brought with this remix, as it's a prime example of taking something great and making it even better.

LEMONWOOD also released two other remixes with different artists for "How Long Can You Float (Before You're Falling)." Find all three renditions on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, LEMONWOOD. We love the new remixes of your single How Long Can You Float (Before You're Falling). What inspired the initially emotional song?

I always had a liking for psychedelic music that incorporates elements from very different cultures - just like the Beatles and their sitar. How Long Can You Float actually started with a mixed Indian instrument loop that I recorded earlier. I then wrote the song very spontaneously - like most good songs just suddenly appear. The melody came naturally and the whole structure was ready within a few minutes. I don't remember how the text came about. It was finished very quickly afterward. I only know what it's probably about: a person you're very close to, even though she has to shatter the closeness again and again - who actually doesn't know who she really is. You see her suffering but all you can do for her is a promise that you will always be there. You are in a trance in which you are fatefully exposed to the ambivalence of this person. Maybe it's just about unconditional love. Or borderline disorder.

What did you enjoy or appreciate the most while listening to Myocard's remix of "How Long Can You Float (Before You're Falling)?"

The song is somehow paradoxical: there is a deep melancholy in it, but also a fast, solemn trance of this fateful devotion, this connection that seems as inevitable as time. That's exactly what I think increases in Myocard's remix: It just keeps going with the steady pulse of time. The devotion turns into euphoria. Everything is relative because everything is somehow hopeless and yet inspiring and full of love. And I also just found it exciting to see the direction in which he took the sound.

Speaking of the artists who remixed "How Long Can You Float (Before You're Falling)", have you worked with them at all, or are you hearing about them for the first time?

He's a friend of my manager and he wanted to remix one of our songs. We're not saying no!

Since your band hasn't released any music since 2020, what have you been up to over the past year?

Because of Corona, we haven't played live as a band - not a single release concert for our album „Home“ from 2020 has taken place so far. Our drummer then had a baby and so everything was kind of in limbo. But from time to time I've always written songs that have already been partially recorded and then, just for fun, I made a remix for the EP myself, which I couldn't finish for months because my computer burned out..

What's next for you?

Exactly: it goes on! We plan on releasing a bunch of new singles this year. I still have so many songs the world needs to hear and I'm already in the process of producing them. There's a song called Don't Waste Your Love and I wrote it ten years ago, but I think it fits the times better than ever. Sounds like a love child of Morrissey and the Beatles. I also have an album called "Time" in my head - let's see if and when it happens. The song, which is also called „Time“ is one of the best that was ever written. George Harrison would be proud of me. Well, but seriously: We're just happy if we can continue making music and hopefully play concerts again soon. If our bass player doesn't suddenly have a baby. Thanks a lot for having us, BuzzMusic!


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