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N.R.M.N Reps His City And Puts In The Work In Latest Album, “District 5”

N.R.M.N (pronounced Norman) is an up-and-coming Hip-Hop artist from Mississauga, Canada, making his mark on the local Mississauga and Toronto Rap scene one release at a time.

For someone who has only started rapping three years ago, N.R.M.N is definitely already proving he is one to watch. This artist constantly displays his versatile skillset - rapping, producing, writing, and directing his own projects. Throughout his music, N.R.M.N looks to blend nostalgic Hip-Hop tones we know and love with a modern spin, paving his own way in the game and repping his city along the way.

Releasing his latest full-length project, “District 5”, N.R.M.N aims to put his city and his people on the map. N.R.M.N describes “District 5” as a compilation of work that the listener can work, hustle and grind to’. “District 5” is produced by N.R.M.N and beatsbyfelix, their second project together and hopefully not their last. Throughout this album, N.R.M.N consistently displays his unshakable drive and dedication to his craft.

Now, let’s take a brief dive into ​​N.R.M.N’s project, “District 5”. This album opens up with the track, “Western District (Risks).” This song has a nice slow build and intro, followed by an impressive flow and delivery the minute N.R.M.N enters the picture. His compelling tone and powerful bars hook us in immediately and set the scene for the rest of the songs to follow.

Next up, we have “401 West”, the second track off N.R.M.N’s album. This track offers listeners a great beat and flows once again. N.R.M.N gives us powerful, hard-hitting vocals with standout punchlines that we can’t get enough of.

“Light Speed” follows N.R.M.N as he fends off his haters. He’s taking off light speed in his career, putting in the work and moving up in the world, and the people around him can’t seem to handle it, hating on his success. N.R.M.N follows this with “Run It Up,” a powerhouse track infused with heavy production and beats, as well as N.R.M.N’s standout vocals, proving why he is one to watch.

“Work” comes up next, with great instrumental composition and flow yet again. N.R.M.N raps of putting in the time and work to make his mark on the industry and world. He states, ‘Keep to myself I stay focused on work, and I hope the success is worth all of the hurt. Praying to God for this rap shit to work, tell me how you deal with all of the hurt.” We can feel his emotion in every single line.

Last up. We have “Deez Ends.” Throughout this closing track, N.R.M.N takes us through his journey of hustling to get what he deserves. He consistently notes that he is making moves that people may not be able to see yet, but his time has come. “Ya, we made it out the deep end, a bunch of diamonds out of Deez ends.”

Throughout the 6-tracks of “District 5”, N.R.M.N reps his city, fends off his haters and proves that he is putting in the work to make a name for himself. Consistently great bars, incredible flow, and powerhouse production make up the basis of “District 5”, and we can’t get enough. You don’t want to sleep on this standout album.

Check out “District 5” by N.R.M.N today, available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, N.R.M.N.! We are so happy to have you here celebrating the release of your album, "District 5". What inspired you to create and release this full-length project, and how does it feel to finally have it out in the world?

To be honest, this project was inspired by the general energy we carry out here in Mississauga. This type of confidence that seems to be at the front of all of our success stories from PND, Dillion Brooks, RJ Barrett, etc. District 5 is was inspired off the movie District 9, which is this sectioned off part of the city that is excluded from the rest, District 5 is the claim that Mississauga/Brampton is in the same light.

To have the project out now feels amazing. The reception has been amazing. Being able to see people feel the same energy I poured into the E.P. being reciprocated is nuts.

What was it like collaborating with producer beatsbyfelix again, this time for your full-length project?

To be honest, linking with Felix is always an experience. This is actually our second project together. Back in 2019, we dropped "Book of Norman." To me, it's so important to have someone who understands the vision you see, but also the ability to bring value artistically out from being just a producer and engineer. We think about approaches to make sure that the fluidity of the project is cohesive, and then lastly, to make sure the energy is cultivated the right way. Felix, to me, is the best if not one of the best in the city, so anytime we click for music, it never ever feels like work.

Did you face any challenges or roadblocks while writing and/or recording this project?

To be honest, not at all. I took my time with the project from beginning to end, this being a second project out I knew or, better yet, had more of a feel for what to expect. Everything was planned out well and came out better!

Do you have the main takeaway for your fans when they are listening to "District 5"?

Everyone keeps telling me, "Bro, this is the one" or "Family, you are talented like actually." Overall it was amazing! I could go on and on!

How does "District 5" represent you and help us get to know you better? What impact do you hope to make with this project?

I hope that the impact from this E.P. shows other artists we too have the sound of breaking out without needing to sound like no one else. It was important to me that this E.P. carried no politics but just straight music with themes and concepts that everyone from young to old can grasp.

What's next for you?

Next for me ?? I have a bunch of singles. I'm going to switch it up (Flow) wise and get back to some real internal issues and what's been going on in the world. But for the most part, a wide variety of singles to follow throughout the year most doubt. By the way, N.F.E. merch is coming soon *wink.

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