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Nai Tells Us Why She “Can Not Lie,” In Latest Release

Nai is an R&B and Pop artist who formulates her lyrics beautifully while giving us a bunch of catchy tunes that have us dancing as she introduces her new hit single, "Can Not Lie."

Nai is a Caribbean girl made in New York City; she takes alot from the Bronx energy, where she speaks her mind and loves herself for who she is. Her sound gives us nostalgia and old-school elements while being a songwriter and dancer, making Nai the whole package! With all her previous releases, she proves that stopping is out of the question, and as of right now, she's regarded as one of the most talented performers to git the stage at 19 years old.

Nai delivers lasting vibrant performance and added personality while proving she's worthy of all the shine. "Can Not Lie" progresses into a song so bold you'll wonder why it's not playing on the radio, so let's get straight into it and give you a time you'll never forget.

As Nai introduces us to "Can Not Lie," her instrumental pops off immediately, and her vocals enter and bring us that whole experience we've longed for. A perfect dance track, Nai tells us how she won't stay if she's being joked around with. Her hypnotic voice and groovy production surrounding her allow us to feed into the raw emotion and feel the joyous moments she describes first-hand.

As we head off to the end of this journey with "Can Not Lie," she talks about how she won't forget what they had and how the experience was. Her soothing yet dramatic ways of collecting all the best elements and forming "Can Not Lie" proves that this record right here is timeless, and as she leaves us, she leaves us yearning for more. So I guess it's safe to say Nai has us hooked.

Nai keeps our spirits alive with her new single, "Can Not Lie," now available on all digital streaming services.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Nai. We love your single "Can Not Lie." What inspired this song?

Thank you so much! This song is one that I had the most fun writing because it’s so blatantly authentic to me. I’m a Caribbean woman from the uptown of the Bronx, where you find all the lit parties. Every time a dancehall song comes on, it's every gyal to a man and every man to a gyal. And that’s the vibe I wanted. It also has a pop feel to it, and I’m a big fan of pop music. So “Can Not Lie” gives my supporters a glimpse into who I am and what I love.

What's the message you want people to take away from "Can Not Lie?"

These lyrics can be interpreted in different ways. While writing this song, at first, I had a concrete story, but others heard a completely different one. So I don’t want to push my own message onto people. Everyone’s gonna have their own experience. I just want them to have fun and dance their ass off to this.

If you could do a collaboration with any artist, who would it be? Why?

I don’t think there’s anyone I wouldn’t collaborate with. I’m open. I love so many different types of artists that focus on different genres. Being versatile when it comes to my music is important to me, so collaborating with an artist that would allow me to create something completely different and out of the box with them would be an insane experience. But who wouldn’t want to collab with Beyonce? That’s self-explanatory.

Have you faced any challenges as a young artist in today's world? How have you overcome them?

For sure. In today’s world, you cannot be shy as a young artist. It makes it harder to be heard when everyone’s attention spans are so short, including mine. Im still trying to come out of my shell and show the world who I am. It doesn’t mean I’m not confident, though. I have so much pride in my music and everything I’ve accomplished. But I’m still trying to get comfortable with sharing my personality. Honestly, my supporters deserve it. A lot of them have been riding with me since day one. I gotta give ‘em more of me. I owe it to them! I’ve started to overcome it by just reminding myself that there are people out there who are gonna relate to me and love me for who I am. That’s what matters.

What's next for you?

I’m finally gonna start performing again! It’s been a while but it’s literally the main reason why I fell in love with music in the first place. It’s going to be more music, more performances, and just seeing more of me in general. Stay tuned.


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