NALU Revitalizes Listener's With New Single "23"

Rapper NALU hails from Las Vegas, NV, and has been writing his music since 2015. As a passionate Hip/Hop artist, NALU looks for ways to blend other genres into his sound to create a more eccentric listening experience. That's why you can expect to hear various properties from R&B and Pop-inspired styles. NALU is all for bringing honesty to his music and hopes to establish meaningful connections with his listeners through his releases. NALU debuted his single "23" this year, and the track flourishes with both intensified Hip/Hop elements, as well as more mellow piano stylings. NALU has a very fast-pace,d energy-packed way of relieving his vocals, which creates such a stimulating environment. NALU takes moments within the track to highlight different aspects of himself as an artist. Listeners receive that fierce performance from NALU for the majority of "23", but he gifts listeners with a more intimate and personalized vocal performance at some points throughout the song. In essence, "23" follows along with the narrative of success and all of the misconceptions that come along with it. NALU brings an exciting story to listeners, ensuring that the production matches the exact kind of energy he sources out. "23" also is the right kind of track to highlight the catchy and clever wordplay NALU has to offer, which makes us that much more excited to listen to his future music. For now, "23" will be our go-to Hip/Hop track to give us that boost in vitality.

Check out NALU's latest track "23" here.

Hello NALU, and congratulations on the release of "23"! Did you receive the kind of response for the single as you hoped you would amongst your listening base?

Thank you so much! I honestly didn't know what to expect in response to this track. The process of creating "23" was so different than what we did with past projects, so I was thrilled with the comments and DMs people sent my way saying that they loved the track and we're excited to hear more.

Were there any components to "23" that you felt really executed in the way it appeared in your initial vision for the track?

The overall vision for "23" was to make a statement of "I'm Here! And this year is mine!" and that's why I released it on my birthday Feb. 2nd. Musically speaking, I simply told my producers (Prodigies, IG: @prodigiesmusic) that I wanted to create a track that incorporated two different beats similar to "Tuscan Leather" by Drake, "Sick Mode" by Travis Scott, or "Life is Good" by Drake. The end result definitely captured that same energy while maintaining the message.

"23" being your most recent single release since your 2019 album release, how do you feel the track compared to the tracks within "You Never Know"?! Do you feel you applied different techniques within "23" that you learned from your album? Absolutely! I definitely focused more on writing more honest and not being afraid to be bold and vulnerable at the same time. I trusted my gut more during the writing and recording of "23" than I did before on "You Never Know." Also the change of scenery from a dorm room studio ("You Never Know") to a professional studio elevated my approach and execution during the recording process. I'd also say that I learned that I don't always have to write "love" songs in order to make a good song, people want to hear about life experiences in general that they can relate to, and I think that shines in "23".

As an artist who puts emphasis on honesty within his music, can you explain to our readers how exactly you go about creating your music to ensure full transparency?

I try not to hide behind punchlines or metaphors too much and focus on keeping my lyrics conversational. I feel more comfortable talking to people about my life, so the phrasing of my lyrics feels natural to me. Also I use my music as a mirror that shows me how I am feeling at the moment I am writing in. At first I was hesitant to embrace what I saw and reflected upon, but I soon realized that the truth feels so much better to write/talk about.

What can fans anticipate next NALU?

During this whole quarantine process, I have been busy working on new music, so there will be a few new singles and maybe a few videos to come. Just stay tuned on IG to see what I've been working on.