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Naomi Releases The Unfading Hit “Heyy”

Naomi is a singer and songwriter hailing all the way from Long Beach California. She’s been singing and writing music ever since the tender age of 6 years old, and grew up performing and participating in several musical theater productions. She self-describes herself as a proud “Theater Geek”, and her music falls under the genre of pop influenced by RnB and lofi.

Naomi released her single titled “Heyy” and it was groundbreaking. “Heyy” instantly carried me into the early 2000’s , a time period many may describe as the highlighting era of RnB and pop music. Many classic, and timeless music was created during this time and “Heyy” just brought “Feel good” emotions all around. Your mood endures a complete 360 due to the joyful energy presented. Not only is the song iconically classic, it embodies the contemporary subdued, smooth rnb and pop that’s popular on the radio today. Naomi has a voice of silk, and it’s undeniably memorable. This texturized tone is what highlights her as one of today’s promising new artists. “Heyy” creates a vibe that just feels satisfying and puts you at ease. Sometimes we need a good song that can help relieve the day to day stress we experience as humans and “Heyy” is the song for that. With an enchanting vocal articulation, a fusion of transporting rnb elements, and a natural star appeal to her music, Naomi could possibly be the next perpetual diva in the music industry!

Listen to "Heyy" here and get to know more about Naomi below!

Hello Naomi! Growing up with a theatrical background, how does this benefit your style of music you create today?

Growing up with a theatrical background, has taught me the importance of self expression. Through theater I was able to release all of my thoughts, feelings and emotions through the characters I would play. I’ve always been a sensitive person and for the longest time I was ashamed of my sensitivity because a lot of people couldn’t understand me. This was a good and bad thing because I often got labeled as the “weird girl” or a “drama queen.” However, I believe having the opportunity to express myself through theater now emulates through my music. All of the songs I create are partly influenced by the different roles I currently play in my life as a sister, daughter, student, intern, girlfriend, entertainer, etc. When I create music, I create it with passion because that is the only way I know how to release my emotions and create good music.

Do you have any specific music influences? If so who and why?

My music is influenced by anything and everything. I’ve very observant and I strongly believe in creating something out of nothing. I also believe in finding inspiration through other artists. For instance, I’m a huge Masego fan. He’s always creating projects from scratch and does a great job at adding his own style to his music. He keeps his lyrics very simple and focuses more on having people vibe with his music rather than relate to it. Masego’s originality is very inspiring to me. I’m also inspired by Summer Walker, Khalid, Jorja Smith, Ama Lou and many other amazing artists for those same reasons. 

Tell us about “Heyy” and the meaning behind the song?

“Heyy” insinuates the start of a text conversation that millennials will write when they are about to express their thoughts and feelings to someone they like but may not love. In this case, the song for me clearly communicates the start of that difficult conversation of telling a person you don’t want to be with them anymore but you still care for them. The song sounds like Pop and RnB but it is unique because it has influences of lofi hip-hop. 

What’s the perfect environment that channeled your motivation in writing “Heyy”?

One summer night I stayed up very late overthinking about someone I really like. We all have those nights. We usually feel really giddy or really anxious. In this case, I was anxious because I couldn’t help but contemplate if I still wanted to be in a relationship with this person. Instead of reacting and texting this person at 2am, I decided to write a song about what I’d say if I was brave enough to text this person my true feelings. At the time I didn’t have the proper equipment to make music. So the song was actually recorded in my bed, on my phone, using a music app called Allihoopa which unfortunately went out of business. I never expected the song to come out at as good as it did. “Heyy” will always be my baby. 

What’s next for you, Naomi?

I have very exciting projects coming up that I can’t wait to share with the world. I’m about to graduate from CSU Long Beach and plan on devoting most of my time to music. I’m currently finishing up my EP that will be released this summer along with the “Heyy” music video. I will also be performing with other artists at different venues throughout LA county starting next month!


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